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What Awaits the Zodiac Signs During This Week

Antonia R.Antonia R.

This Wednesday, Jupiter enters into Leo, which will favor all fire signs. On Sunday, Saturn will step out of its retrograde phase in Scorpio. This will bring a week of positive changes.

Aries - New creative opportunities open before you

The middle of the new week will bring you lots of fun. Gradually you will gain your confidence back and make you more likely to take risks and discover new opportunities. With Jupiter entering into Leo, many chances for creativity and flirtation will open before you.

Taurus - You're getting out of the tension phase

Your connection with home and family takes on a new direction these days. You will most likely make a lavish purchase for your home or loved ones. The tension on the love front also eases up this week and you are ready to get out of the phase of constant arguments with your beloved.


Gemini - A week of relief comes

This week you will be in your element when it comes to communication. Starting this Wednesday, you can count on good luck related to activities having to do with writing and the Internet. Beginning Sunday, when Saturn steps out of its retrogradation, you will also feel relief in the professional field.

Cancer - Your financial ambitions become reality

When Jupiter enters into Leo, your financial ambitions will get a push forward. The planet will remain in the fire sign for an entire year, which may bring you income in the next 12 months. Starting Sunday, you will be delivered from your sense of insecurity and be able to express yourself freely.

Leo - The realization of plans and many travels

This week, great opportunities arise for the realization of your plans. Beginning Wednesday until next summer, you will travel more, and it is possible for your dreams to be very clear and point you to the right actions. Starting Sunday, issues in the home will begin to set into place.

Virgo - Seek the advice of people close to you

Luck will only come to you if you focus on your dreams and pay closer attention to the advice of people close to you. Once Saturn leaves its retrogradation phase, you won't have any problems communicating with them. Seek the advice of the people around you in order to save time and money.


Libra - Rest this week

Your social life will be enriched this week since you will meet many new people. This week is perfect for you to rest and enjoy life. Despite that, your intuition related to professional issues will improve and you must listen to it.

Scorpio - You realize your dreams

This week will be ideal for you to demonstrate your skills and succeed in that which you have undertaken. Once Saturn leaves its retrogradation phase this Sunday, all of the obstacles in your way will be removed. Your dreams are within reach and you must not be worried about realizing them.

Sagittarius - Do not spend money needlessly

Your sign ruler, Jupiter, enters Leo, which will boost your enthusiasm toward adventures and movement. Enjoy the wonderful things throughout the week but be careful when spending money. Don't have any unnecessary expenses and create a budget until the end of the month.


Capricorn - This week you will reap successes

This week you will be loaded with energy for making money. It is possible for you to find a good business partner with whom to carry out your career ambitions. Your sign ruler, Saturn, leaves its retrogradation on Sunday and this will bring you success in every single aspect.

Aquarius - You receive a boost toward growth

Your connection with your partner will turn more serious and engaging, since Jupiter will be traveling in your sector starting this Wednesday until next year. Professionally, you also get a boost for growth, if you work vigorously.

Pisces - You focus on sports

Your energy this week will be focused on sports. The next few days predispose you to diets and physical exercises. With Venus entering into Cancer, you'll become even more sensitive and hungry for romance.