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What Should a Person Give Up in Order to be Happy?


It is difficult to give advice on how a person should live in order to feel happy since this is a very subjective feeling - certain things are important to some of us, while to others they are not. Instead let us try to distinguish between things, refresh our consciousness and point it toward other goals and achievements, which would bring about positivism and satisfaction.

Stop wanting to always be right!

Something that is in most cases difficult to achieve is for a person not to strive to always be right. What's important is to look at the specific case from all possible sides and if there happens to be a discrepancy, to admit the mistake, instead of looking for someone to blame.

And even if we're right, sometimes it's better to keep quiet in order to live more happily. Hand-in-hand with this, something else that can ease suffering is not to try to control everyone and everything. It turns out that if sometimes events develop on their own, things will turn out for the better for everyone.


Take responsibility for your actions!

A person taking responsibility for their actions should also be a priority in their way of life. It's not fair to blame others for the personal mistakes and obstacles in life and development of a particular person. It's good for a person to remain alone with their own Self, in order to receive the answers they have not dared find until now. And as Eckhart Tolle says, "The mind is a superb instrument if used rightly. Used wrongly, however, it becomes very destructive."

Expand your outlook!

Expanding your worldview would also be advantageous - life must go on without being constrained, without there being bouts of discontent every step of the way. Stop complaining about people, events and other things that upset you and make you unhappy, because everything stems from the psychological mindset and you have the power to change it. Begin to think more positively and you'll be happier. Along with these tips, try to suppress your criticisms toward others. Soon you will notice how the weight on your shoulders disappears.


Be yourself!

The next step, which is also not easy for many of us, is the inability sometimes for a person to be themselves. Of course, each one of us must maintain a certain conduct around others according to the implicitly declared norms, but this does not mean not being yourself. You'll see how much nicer and more radiant each day will be for you if you unleash your inner Self. People value the sincerity and trust of the contacts in their lives.

Forget about your fears!

Last but not least is the ability for a person to let go of their fears, no matter what they're founded on. Because everything is in the mind - if you adjust it, everything else will set into place. Remembered the words of FDR: "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself."

Don't live according to others' expectations, don't apologize for things that aren't within your control, be yourself and you will feel true freedom.