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A Walk to Relieve Fatigue

Taking a Walk

American scientists have proven the benefits of walking. Even a short 10 minute walk increases energy levels by 20% and decreases fatigue by 65%. “It is a common myth that when a person is tired, a bit more exercise will cause them to completely collapse.

Regular physical workouts have a positive effect on regenerating awareness. This is of particular importance to people, who lead an inactive lifestyle, such as those who work at a desk.” Volunteers in a study were divided into 3 groups, which were tested for a period of 2 weeks.


Members of the first group worked out on an exercise bike for 20 minutes, 3 times weekly under a moderate tempo. Members of the second group conducted the same exercises but with less tension, while the third group did not work out at all.

The results portrayed an increase in energy levels in the first two groups – with an average of 20%. Light exercises lead to more tangible decreases in fatigue than more intensive workouts. Nowadays, people work way too much and sleep little.

Light physical workouts, such as taking a walk, are a perfect way for you to feel livelier. It is much healthier than drinking caffeine or energy drinks and is more beneficial for your body.