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Yin and Yang energies around your home

Yin and Yang energies around your home

Every building feels the effects of the environment around it, the energies of Yin and Yang and the balance in one direction or the other.

If a building is situated near to a site that has before had human habitation, for example a place associated with death such as a hospital, graveyard or even a prison, the energies surrounding this will also have a strong Yin influence. The same could be said for a house that is hidden away by shrubs or trees. These Yin energies will give a depressing feeling and one might find it difficult to bring in and keep a steady feel of positive, active energy.

By painting your front door red and keeping the front of your house lit and constantly active will bring the Yin energies towards the home. Red and orange are good colors to paint your fence or wall as well as painting the roof red.

On the other hand, if your house is situated near to transmission lines or surrounded by high buildings, you will find the energy of Yang is very strong and this will give you a feeling of a very rushed life and home. The energy is “busy”. In situations like this, it is best to bring some opposite qualities to restore the balance into your home.

In order to balance out the Yang energy at your home, you could look into painting your door dark blue and reduce the amount of active energy near the front door. Having tall trees or bushes surrounding your home will create shadows, increasing the influence of Yin.

One should also opt for a black or blue coloured wall or fence. A small water feature is also a very good way to keep Yin energy flowing, as water captures the excess Yang energy.