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Palmistry - The Finger Nodes


Finger nodes - what exactly are they and what do they mean? If you look at your fingers from the nail side (the side facing up, when you are typing on the computer), you will find knot-like series of lines at the joints, between the phalanges. Or you won't find any lines - in both cases, your hands are trying to tell you something.

Upper node. Also called the first node, it is closest to the nail. This is the philosophical node, related to ideas.

Lower node. This is the materialistic node, which deals with the material world.

Nodular joints. If the nodes are visible on a particular joint, then it is called a nodular joint.

Smooth joints. If the lines of the joints are not that visible, then they are called smooth joints.

Now, if we combine the 4 types of finger tips, both types of nodes on both joints, we will get 16 personality types. Which one are you?

Pointed fingers, both joints smooth. We find poetry of the heart and soul here. Ecstatic religious feelings might also be present, as well as love for that which is beautiful. These fingers are considered fingers of the psyche, even though we also find unorganized thoughts and actions, and often incorrigible laziness.

Pointed fingers, nodular upper joint, smooth lower joint. There is a battle between inspiration and thought in these people. In other words, the believer begins to doubt. The poet loses a part of his genius. This also has a positive aspect - the inspiration is used more effectively for completing a job.

Pointed fingers, smooth upper joint, nodular lower joint. Here, the artistic potentialities are overruled by the tendency for practicality. An artist or poet will be better off financially but will be far from his true ideals. Did someone say sellout?

Pointed fingers, both joints nodular. The person moves away from his higher ideals in order to deal with reality. These personalities are often inventors or discoverers. They are at peace with their inner soul. It must be noted that pointed fingers are a rarity, and nodular joints on pointed fingers are almost never encountered.

Conical fingers, both joints smooth. In contrast to the previous examples, the poetic gift is better felt here. The person is aiming to cultivate beauty in its physical form but hates cold, hard logic and loves freedom in thoughts and manners.

Conical fingers, nodular upper joint and smooth lower joint. The artist is dominated by practical motives. He calculates his efforts and aims for success in achieving particular goals. These types of fingers can be found in the hands of all talented musicians, actors.

Conical fingers, smooth upper joint and nodular lower joint. The individual is practical in defending his interests and might insist on his talent being evaluated (in a monetary sense as well).

Conical fingers, both joints nodular. Here we have the most desired type for an artist, inventor, writer, musician and actor, who takes life head-on and paves their way in it. These people know the value of their genius and how to use it for profit.

Square fingers, both joints smooth. These finger types show a love of philosophy, social sciences, realism in art, a talent for creating business plans. All those who have square fingers (regardless of nodes) are independent to a certain degree and are usually honest. They are strong and reasonable.

Square fingers, nodular upper joint and smooth lower joint. These types of people are born to love cold, hard logic and arguments. They discuss everything, including religious beliefs and it is extremely difficult to change their convictions. These people have the capacity to perform intelligently demanding and beneficial work.

Square fingers, smooth upper joint and nodular lower joint. These types belong to the perfect servant - disciplined, obedient and orderly. In other words: obligations come first.

Square fingers, both joints nodular. Here we see a fondness for the natural sciences, archaeology and law. This individual is a perfect financier and a fanatic when it comes to symmetry. A strong mind prevails over genius and there is no love of poetry, art or literature. This is an honest and true person.

Fingers in the form of a spatula, both joints smooth. An instinctive understanding of the real world, a need for activity, especially physical. An attachment to sports and working outside, as well as politics, management and travel.

Fingers in the form of a spatula, nodular upper joint, smooth lower joint. An aggressive atheist, believing in no ideals. This type of person hates feelings, loves realism and is a positivist to a degree. Loves science, investigations and development of technology.

Fingers in the form of a spatula, smooth upper joint, nodular lower joint. The love toward beauty is at the lowest possible level but the attachment toward well-organized things is at its peak.

Fingers in the form of a spatula, both joints nodular. A strong interest in activity - indoors or outdoors. The consciousness of this individual is never satisfied unless it is worn out by physical activity. Furthermore, they have the ability to count on science in order to succeed in their ventures.

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