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Here`s Why Everyone Should Have an Acorn Amulet

Acorn Amulet

The oak tree is one which even the ancients treated with high reverence and awe. Our ancestors believed that this plant possessed potent magic, capable of filling their lives with ease and happiness.

That is why they spent time around the oak tree, sharing their experiences with it and making amulets for love, luck, youthfulness and longevity from its leaves, bark, branches and even its acorns.

Talismans made from oak are believed to protect against evil spirits and provide confidence, calm and joy to anyone who possesses them. With regard to acorns themselves, they are an extremely valued ally to anyone following a specific goal. They contribute to the transformation of energy, attract luck and provide longevity.

Acorns are an irreplaceable aide to both men and women. Ancient peoples believed that if a girl wished to soon find a husband, she should always carry an acorn with her because it would grant her attractiveness.


Old witch doctors would also give acorn talismans to women who did not yet have a child, believing them to improve fertility. Acorns were also recommended for men suffering from a low sex drive, believing that they boosted sexual energy.

An acorn placed on the window protects the entire family from evil forces. It shields the home's inhabitants from diseases, increases positive energy, enables sobering thought, helps them make difficult decisions. Additionally, acorns attract money and professional successes.