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Ying and Yang facts

Ying and Yang facts

In practicing Feng Shui, one believes that everything must be in a state of balance. When energies are not at harmony with each other, problems are sure to arise. Ying and Yang are the two opposite energies that complement each other when in perfect balance. The Chinese religions view Ying and Yang as the earth’s energy. Ying and Yang are crucial opposing forces which cannot work without the help and perfect balance of the other.

Ying represents the female energy, whilst Yang, the male. Combined, these two energies form a perfect duo and a commitment to the universe. It is believed that Ying is the more passive form of energy, while Yang, the more alive or active. It is believed that everyone and everything possesses Ying and Yang, some more Ying than Yang, others more Yang than Ying.

Ying and Yang are present in our everyday life, ranging from our mental wellbeing, to the food we eat as well as the buildings in which we live and work. Ying and Yang are present in all that we do, and play and important role in the lifestyles we choose to live. Doctors practicing traditional Chinese medicine will more often than not use Ying and yang in the treatment of a patient. As an example, should a patient be suffering from tiredness, listlessness or even a case of the blues, medical practitioners are most likely to recommend eliminating some forms of Ying energy and replacing them with some Yang energy. This could be in the form of special broths as well as specific exercises.

As mentioned previously, Ying and Yang are present in our everyday lives, and can easily be seen, for example, Ying energy can be seen as anything or anywhere that is Dark, dead and silent. It can be seen in the moon, a still stream and in the coldness of day. It is a feminine, soft energy whilst Yang energy can be seen in anything or any place that is bright, active and full of life. It can be seen in the sunlight and fires, in masculinities, in dominance and power.

It is not possible for Ying and yang to exist alone. The Ying-Yang sign has become a traditional symbols of the universe’ contrasts. We are all aware of the Ying-Yang symbol, a circle with a wavy line, dividing it into two equal parts. One side black, the other side white, within both sides, a small dot of the opposite colour, symbolizing that each dot is a joint part of the other.