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Who are the Richest Zodiac Signs?

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Certain zodiac signs have better chances of becoming rich than others, a new British study shows. Some of the signs get rich thanks to their talents, while others because of their inborn sense for making money.

According to the study, the wealthiest individuals belong to the zodiac sign of Gemini - 9.9%, among these being musical legends Paul McCartney and Tom Jones, as well as master chef Jamie Oliver.

Astrologers also agree that Geminis know how to bring the cash in. A great many of the representatives of this sign have an original gift which makes them unique and helps them increase their earnings.


2nd place on the list are Capricorns with 9.6%. Representatives of this star sign in astrology have been determined to be no less talented and exceptionally economical. Capricorns also achieve their wealth with the aid of their extraordinary persistence and focus.

Completing the list of the top 5 richest zodiac signs are Aries – 9.4%, Taurus – 8.9% and Leo – 8.6%. The list continues with the signs of Sagittarius – 8.2%, Cancer – 8%, Pisces – 7.9% and Libra – 7.8%.

Based on the study, the signs least likely of making it rich are Aquarius – 7.7%, Virgo – 7.5%, and coming in at the very bottom are representatives of the sign of Scorpio – 6.5%.

Paradoxically, among the poorest astrological signs is Roman Abramovich, who is a Scorpio.

In astrology, Scorpios are described as people who do not value their earned money. They understand perfectly how to gain the necessary funds but do not manage to save them and quickly spend everything down to their last penny.


However, the typical Scorpio would not be stressed out by the fact that he's emptied his wallet and will instead seek a new way to earn money.

According to last year's list of the richest people in Great Britain, it was again a representative of the zodiac sign of Gemini that made the top - steel magnate Lakshmi Mittal, his net worth valued at 12.7 billion British pounds.

There are exactly 1000 billionaires on the Island, reports the Daily Mail, with their total net worth being 414.2 billion British pounds.