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What Type of Esoteric are you?

Antonia R.Antonia R.

People that are drawn to esoteric subjects and sciences can be classified into several types according to their degree of attraction to the esoteric and the subjects which interest them.

Esoteric beginner

Your worldview has changed after you have taken a few yoga classes and have become hooked on books by Osho, Bach, Walsh or Kryon.

You are convinced that you are gifted with knowledge that others do not understand.

You passionately strive to reach the spiritual, while wanting to avoid the material at all costs.

Closet esoteric


You look at esoteric sites but still remain slightly distrustful of the presented ideas.

You make fun of people who believe in ghosts but secretly try to avoid a black cat from crossing your path.

Whenever the traditional methods of healing don't work for you, you seek a folk healer or psychic.

Tolerant esoteric

You take part in discussions on esoteric forums and express your viewpoint, while also taking into account that of skeptics.

You find something in esotericism whose interpretations conceal lots of truths.

Obsessed esoteric


Your day begins with mediation or yoga. You monitor your spiritual and personal growth.

When you go online, you seek new articles on esoteric topics instead of the morning news.

You often include various energetic practices in your daily routine.

You long ago discovered the difference between a blood and spiritual family and you strive to communicate more with your spiritual one.

Esoteric reader

These are the fans of esoteric science who read large quantities of esoteric materials but do not practice what they've read.


They tend to interpret what they've read but not to experience it.

Proficient esoteric

Your worldview drives you toward spiritual searching and new values.

You understand theosophy, anthroposophy, the work of the Gnostics and modern channeling and introduce them into your life with enthusiasm.


You have a relation with everything that surrounds you - objects, people, events.

You easily discern occultism from mysticism, the qualities of the personality and the qualities of the soul.

You see the world as a reflection of yourself and aim to make it better.