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Atlantis - reality or history of 9000 years?

Atlantis - reality or history of 9000 years?

Does the lost continent of Atlantis really exist? The source of the legend of Atlantis comes from the writings of Plato. Whether it really exists or was it invented by Plato?

The Lost Continent Atlantis is one of the most fascinating legends of our civilization and has inspired all stories and speculation. All our knowledge of Atlantis are of secondary sources from thousands of years ago.

The source of the legend Atlantis is the Greek philosopher Plato, and his works Timeaus and Critias. In these dialogues, Plato tells the story of a Greek statesman named Solon, who traveled to Egypt, where he was told the story of Atlantis.

According to a story that Solon heard, he learned of a powerful island nation called Atlantis which was located in the middle of ocean, beyond the "Pillars of Heracles” (Known today as the Strait of Gibraltar). The people of Atlantis began attempts to conquer the surrounding lands, including Greece and Egypt.

A group of men from Athens, Greece united army demands which included allies from all over Greece to Atlantis to stop their attacks. Men of Athens had been abandoned by their allies, and had to fight alone, and still managed to win Atlanteans.

Atlantis - reality or history of 9000 years?

Unfortunately, after the Athenians won the battle, the island Atlantis was rocked by huge earthquakes and floods. For one day Atlantis disappeared under the sea.

Whether Plato could write more about Atlantis, no one can say with certainty. It is believed that Plato had another work entitled, Hermocrates. The legend Atlantis was studied in detail and his work apparently was never completed, and the little light that is shone on the history of Atlantis, has again faded into uncertainty.