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The Worst Traits of Men, According to Zodiac Sign


You may frequently hear the phrase "Women are from Venus, Men are from Mars, " and that's probably why they see life in such a different way. There's many differences between the 2 sexes but they are complicated even further by the fact that representatives of the different zodiac signs have their own unpleasant traits that can drive even the most patient ladies to hysteria.

Note that the way in which a Taurus infuriates his girlfriend is altogether different from the way an Aquarius does the same. But instead of getting angry, see what the worst traits of men according to their zodiac sign are and how to deal with them. Below is a list of the truly worst signs of men according to sign:


Aries isn't just stubborn, he's as stubborn as an entire barren of mules. You wouldn't be wrong if you labeled representatives of this sign as unfeeling and arrogant leeches who don't care about the feelings of others. No matter if we're talking about work or not, they're ready to use everything and everyone to obtain what they desire. Their favorite phrase is, "Of course I'm right! "


Don't be fooled that Taureans are kind and accommodating gentlemen who will serve the world to you on a platter. The Taurus man is a secretive, self-satisfied and self-sufficient egotist who will flatter you only to enjoy your care and attention. And to make your blood boil, he will often use his favorite phrase - "It's your own fault! "



The big words, plans and promises of Geminis hide the fact that they're the plainest of windbags and when it comes to keeping their promises they won't hesitate to do an about-face. They are also horribly whiny, never ceasing to repeat their favorite phrase - "I feel that I'm your friend."


We have some bad news for those ladies who are in a relationship with a Cancer. They are not crabs, they are leeches who will stick to you, they have no opinion of their own, will always listen and follow the opinion of others. It's no wonder that their favorite phrase is, "Whatever the others say, it's all the same to me."


Some bad news for you - Leo loves... but only himself. He can most accurately be described as a self-loving jerk with a high opinion of himself, always wanting to be right and never owing an explanation to anyone for anything. Which is why you'll often hear him say, "That's the way I wanted it."


If he doesn't kill you with his constant whining that you're not keeping clean enough, he'll do so with his perfectionism. His perfectionism is up to the point where he'll annoy the life out of everyone around him but that's not even the worst part. Case in point, when you don't adhere to his high standards he becomes incredibly irritable and won't hesitate to tell you a hundred times - "I told you, I told you."


Don't bet on overly high expectations regarding your relationship with Libra because he will be kind to you only when he needs something. And when you are no longer needed, he will transform into a rough and cruel stranger who won't even want to hear about you. And don't fool yourself, no matter how many times he complains that no one is helping him and that he's always alone against everyone and everything.



Scorpios will always confuse you in every aspect. As long as you ignore him, push him away or act rudely toward him, he will love you. But the moment you decide that you can trust him, that you like him and maybe have a future with him, his behavior will do a complete 180. And all of this will be accompanied by his favorite phrase - "I love her, even though I just met her."


Sagittarius is one of those people who are supposedly always with everyone but are actually with no one. He has many friends around him but won't hesitate to turn around and leave, leaving them in the past without looking back. He's a typical traveler who knows that there's a new love waiting for him in every city in the world. Therein lie the origins of his favorite phrase - "It's possible."


Capricorns are among those who wish to be at least half the perfectionists that Virgos are but it simply doesn't happen, so they don't stop whining. With or without a reason, a Capricorn won't stop talking until you leave on your own. You can't close his mouth - if he's not complaining about something it means he's dead. And to further infuriate you he'll keep repeating. "I'm better off alone."


When you have a relationship with an Aquarius you'll realize how many gaps you have in your education, how many books you haven't read and overall how far behind your intellectual level is in comparison to theirs. Of course not all Aquarians are like this, others won't torture you with fancy words, they'll simply kick you out of their life because, as they like to say, "You just don't get it."


Whoever thinks that Pisces don't talk have obviously never had a relationship with him. They not only whine, they nag, fuss, make critical comments and most of all - drive you to hysteria with their crazy behavior. Pisces won't hesitate to let you into their innermost self, only to throw you out of their life after, completely convinced that they negatively affect you and that they're doing it for your own good. And if you'd like an explanation for all this madness, the best you can hope for is - "I was busy."