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The 3 Worst Afflictions of Mankind, According to Buddhism


Buddhism is a religion and philosophical school incorporating practices and beliefs. Its founder is considered to be Siddhārtha Gautama, also known as Buddha.

In the past, Buddhism was widespread mainly in the Asian countries but today this spiritual movement is gaining popularity in the other continents of the world.

According to Buddhism, all forms of life are equal. In that sense, the religion preaches love, respect, goodness, compassion toward everything we encounter during our earthly journey.

Buddhism also teaches us that everything around us is connected and that if we do good, it will be done onto us as well. But the same holds true if we do evil.

Buddhist Statues

According to Buddhists there are 3 negative feelings that manifest in people and act as a dangerous poison. If they are not eliminated they can not only bring ruin to one's body but to their soul as well. Find out what these 3 are and try to oust them from your consciousness in order to enjoy a healthy body and soul.

1. Greed

It manifests in the lives of every one of us in a different form. For some it's an excessive hunger for material wealth, while for others - an unabating desire for pleasures of the flesh. What they all share in common is that greed disrupts the natural balance and leads to various psychological and physical disturbances.

2. Loathing

One of the most poisonous emotions that a person could ever experience. Anger and hatred are not good advisers. They incite us toward actions that hurt others and ourselves. If we cannot overcome these negative feelings and continue to harbor loathing in our soul, they will eventually tear us apart.

3. Ignorance

Ignorance is severely dangerous to humanity. It gives us a false sense of happiness but at the same time pushes us toward the wrong actions. Ignorance, recklessness and delusion arise when a person refuses to inform themselves and instead starts living in their own little world. They have an inaccurate outlook toward the situation and refuse to change their mindset.