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Daily Horoscope for November 24

The Moon is now in Aquarius. This is going to increase our communicativeness with friends and people who are on our mind. Share your ideas without any qualms and seek new information.

Don't slow the tempo down because the day is a productive one. The movement of Neptune is tangible. If, for some reason, you've allowed yourself to be manipulated over the past few months, you're finally going to shake off the deceit. Today and tomorrow are going to be days of considerable insight.

The positive aspect of Mercury and Uranus is going to affect everyone favorably and bolster positive moon principles.


The stars do not foresee anything interesting today. Their advice for you is to plan a nice and quiet evening with the family. Eat dinner in a cozy setting, play games with the kids and watch a good movie. This will bring you no small amount of spiritual warmth.


The past few days have been full of surprises, a variety of signals and strange conversations. Starting today, things will settle and the tempo will slow down. The sudden decline will shock you to the point where you'll wish for just a bit more chaos. To rid yourself of this feeling, give yourself a few hours of free time to get used to this diminished busyness. Very soon you're going to discover that it's not hard to gain satisfaction from a break. Accept this period with open arms.


The day comes bearing serious situations that require a serious attitude. Don't close your eyes to your own and others' mistakes. To find a solution, you're going to have to examine every problem in detail. Pedantic and argumentative - don't let these words bother you. Ask as many questions as possible and gather the necessary useful information. Unexpected allies are going to appear.


A loved one, not a relative, is going to call you for an emergency and imperative conversation. Don't run away deliberately - all they need is advice and they know that only a person with a heart as good as yours can give it to them. If you share your experience and shake off your fear you'll help them a lot. You know what can happen if you do not.


Today, your partner will be unable to take advantage of the benefits that you're offering them. Which is why you're going to have to either actively help them or simply not offer anything at all. Otherwise there's just no point, at least for the moment.


Your appetite grows, as well as your ambitions. You're particularly sensitive to the subjects of authority and attacks on the system you represent. Qualities such as excessive irritation, storminess and inconsistency are going to have a negative effect on your reputation. The stars are giving you to the opportunity to get out of every resulting situation gracefully but only if you find the right arguments on time.


It's an excellent day for independent work. Joint projects just aren't for you because it's difficult for you to find common ground with others. If you're in a leadership position, check to see if your subordinates understand your direct orders. You get along great with those older than you but when it comes to your relations with children there's still room for improvement. Stock up on excessive gentleness and tremendous patience.


The day is not going to be an easy one and you need to get rid of everything that's getting in your way. Get up earlier and finish as much work as you can while others are still sleeping. This will allow you to enjoy a peaceful and calm afternoon. The universe is granting you insight, while your instincts are giving you clues about how to save time and take shortcuts.


Distant countries - these are the things that attract you. If you're not on a trip right now, then your only solace may be something or someone that reminds you of the far-off destinations that you love. Accept any and every invitation for communication or unexpected journey - it'll definitely take your mind off things.


Today, your partner feels weak, nonindependent and helpless. Not only are you not finding this cute, it's infuriating you. Try to inform them of your emotions in a timely manner because if you cage the evil within yourself, this restraint won't bring you anything positive.


Today you're going to be flooded with tons of invitations and opportunities. They're going to be so numerous that you're simply not going to be physically able to answer them all. The stars advise you to slow things down and to sift through and find the truly interesting ones. Too many things have been happening lately, making you lose your sense of perspective. It's possible that you're taking your partner for granted and that is something that's highly unacceptable. Think about your long-term goals. You might not have any fun throughout the day.


Unexpected financial proceeds will surprise you. It's not a lot of money but they're always a good starting point. The day offers effective collaboration in a new aspect. New professional opportunities open up before you. In the personal aspect, unfortunately, there are no upcoming changes or variety. Despite this, you're the type of person that always knows how to provide entertainment for yourself.

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