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Daily Horoscope for March 16


The stored energy has been used up. The day is critical because it's amassed the negativism of the entire lunar month. The New Moon will end all of this.

All of the hurdles that arise today can be seen as a good thing because it means the higher forces have not given up on you and are revealing your problems outwardly. The advice for the day is to be humble and repent. Face all of the consequences because they have been caused by your past actions.

Vanquish the negative thoughts. From the very morning, make it a goal not to think about anything bad. Don't start anything new and don't make plans. The day isn't going to be productive and fruitful, so avoid trying to solve issues and problems.

The day is presenting you the unique opportunity to organize your actions, plans and goals. You'll be able to structure your ambitious goals very well. Expect only pleasant moments in the emotional aspect.


Today it's best that you plan a quiet family dinner. Eat, play with the kids, watch an interesting movie. Nothing too emotional is expected during the day or night but don't worry. All of this will be compensated by a great dose of spiritual warmth.


Stay away from conflicts, especially those in the family and with your partner. In days like this you're going to have to make compromises. Even if you have a ton of tasks, don't overwhelm yourself and think about your health. Invest your energy into research and the discovery of new scientific truths.


Today is a great day to resolve all of your problems with finance and properties. Expect a pay raise or an improvement in communication with higher ups. Successful purchases and new possessions. In personal relationships, the situation isn't going to work out favorably. You're going to have to discuss issues that are unpleasant for everyone. If you'd like to maintain your relations, be ready to compromise.


Your innate emotionality has waned. You're replaced it with curiosity, mobility and receptivity. Prepare for what's coming and you'll remember every bit of information the first time around. An unexpected journey will pleasantly surprise you. Start work on the pressing tasks.


You're going to once again get involved in others' business, right when needed. Though you are not particularly tactful, this is necessary. Do everything in your power. You need to help, support, advise, reconcile. It won't be an easy day and once evening comes you'll see that your energy is stretched to its limits. Despite this you'll be comforted by the feeling of a debt paid in full.


Your personal life has never been better. It's going to delight you with its variety. Try not to ruin the balance of things. The more you try, the longer everything will be all right.


Leave all work to take a back seat and focus on your personal life. Everything can wait but fate itself. The day is going to be of crucial significance for later stages of your life. Don't miss it because you're going to regret it deeply.


This is the most suitable time for developing relations with people and relatives who live far away. If you yourself are far from home it's not a good idea to start a new relationship. Don't expect help from anyone. Focus on comfort at home and you'll know peace of mind. Postpone any decision making regarding important issues.


Things are either clear or they're not. Luckily, after a long period of unclarity, today you're going to see clear skies. Turn your gaze to whatever it is you need to focus on. You have to begin to act. After the temporary repose, you absolutely must take advantage of the favorable moment. A choice lies before you, yet you already know the answer. Make the final decision by the end of the day.


Your difficulties in communication are going to make you new enemies. For some representatives of the sign, legal issues are going to arise. Others are going to achieve profound successes by focusing on work. Your influence over loved ones grows. No one is going to challenge your views.


Problems of a delicate nature are going to trouble you. Guests are going to come knocking and you won't be able to get rid of them. Don't worry about it, just offer them whatever snacks you have. You don't need to spend excessively to show hospitality. Don't transfer the blame to your partner because things would only get worse.


Your beloved isn't going to want to be left alone. But that's the way it goes because you have a ton of plans and haven't managed your time and tasks properly. If you do have the will though, you'll be able to handle everything quickly and painlessly. In that case you'll find plenty of time for love.