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Your Daily Horoscope for December 15

Zodiac Signs

The Moon in Scorpio in combination with retrograde Mercury in Sagittarius are going to drive us to self-analysis. It's time to take a different viewpoint and analyze certain situations from the past.

Pay attention to the events throughout the days because 4 planets are in water signs and through the circumstances fate is showing us what to prepare for in the future.

The Sun, Venus and Mercury in Sagittarius are going to provoke us to seek out any lessons and the message from the events since the beginning of the year. Think about in which aspects you've become wiser and in which ones you've more to learn.

Try to fix your financial obligations today by first paying off your debts and then planning your purchases.


Today, make a thorough analysis of the relationships you've wrought over the year. Reflect on whether you've deepened your relations with people and whether you've brought down barriers in communication between you. If you still have any kinds of prejudices regarding your relationships, it's time to mull over them and pinpoint which behavioral qualities are problematic for your stable relationships.


See how harmonious your relationships with those around you really are. Today, you're going to have to figure out how much you've given to and taken from others, while also making attempts to recompense. You're going to have to take up more responsibility if so far you've been avoiding additional work or to transfer part of your obligations over if you've been the head of the family thus far.


Reflect over your successes at work and set goals to aim for in this field next year. Determine how ordered your life has been and use hindsight to analyze the events that caused you the worst stress and anxiety. It's possible that you'll find methods with which you'll work better in the future.


If you go back and dig around the events of your past, you may find out what's been destroying your self-confidence. Look to the small, everyday things that offend you or make you doubt your own position. You can learn how to have fun with your shortcomings instead of falling into an emotional crisis every time anyone mentions them, plus you can take advantage of the attention from others that you earn with ease.


Issues of home and family are going to concern you greatly today but this time, instead of falling into the trap of strong emotions, you can look at events more objectively. Think about your own guilt and role in family issues, instead of constantly blaming others. Listen to what the desires of your closest are as well, without pressuring them.


Throughout the day, try to figure out how open you are in your communication with others or whether your suspicion isn't putting up barriers between you and they. It's time to rewind and determine how open and tolerant you are of others' opinions because if they believe that you're difficult to talk to, there's most likely a reason for this. Don't be afraid to ask others around you for their opinion.


Evaluate your ability to control your finances by analyzing the events of this year. Consider whether you're not spoiling yourself too often or spending too impulsively, resulting in money problems. Pick out the material possessions that you can do without and limit your spending in order to ease your mind financially.


Today you have to think about where your unrealized plans for this year went askew. Don't obsess over the small details, instead try to find the pattern that's leading you to the same mistakes every time. Only once you've placed all your failures in one spot and found what they share in common will you finally realize what you need to relinquish.


Throughout the day, focus on your dreams and desires for the future that you're afraid to admit out loud. You don't need to reveal your deepest desires to all who are listening but it is important to determine the fears that are preventing you from realizing them. Consider whether or not your daily routine hasn't become too monotonous.


Over the course of the day you can determine how stable your relationships with your coworkers and friends are. Think about how often you did favors for each other and whether you came together for a common cause. You'll be able to find out how to make your relations with others stronger and what your common interests are that you can work toward together.


Review your professional achievements over the year and determine what you did a good job on and what not so much. It's time to construct new plans regarding your career growth but to do this you need to be clear on what mistakes you've made and what lessons the past year has taught you. Don't be afraid of extra responsibility.


Consider whether you've had enough fun throughout the year and whether you were honest enough with the people around you. You can learn how to be more open to those around you instead of constantly sparing them your feelings. By analyzing the events from the past, you'll be able to get rid of prejudices harmful to you and breathe easier.