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Your Daily Horoscope for March 23

Zodiac Signs

Mercury begins its retrograde motion in Aries starting today. We need to be more cautious and wary until April 15 because our impulsiveness could cause us a ton of headaches.

Examine every source of information and don't make decisions right away because otherwise you're more likely to become the victim of illusions and fraud. Your decisions over the next few weeks need to be sobering and reasonable.

The day also falls under the influence of the tense aspect between Venus and Pluto. You may be more envious and suspicious in your personal and love relationships.

Some couples may find the desire for power and control to dominate, while others are going to experience great disappointments. Postpone any romantic dates you may have planned today because you may be feeling more antagonistic than usual.


Focus entirely on your usual obligations today and try not to get distracted by anything else, as this would increase your chances of making mistakes. Use your contacts today in order to review any new information. Don't assume that you know best, instead see what friends and coworkers think.


Throughout the day you can expect a number of pleasant meetings and although you're not advised to blindly trust your new acquaintances in this period, you can create a network of beneficial contacts. You may achieve the professional successes and material comfort you're aiming for without much effort, as long as you correctly assess your acquaintances and seek helpers.


If you've planned any kind of serious changes for the next few weeks, be sure to check every little detail in your projects today. Make certain there's not a single oversight before you begin working on your ideas. Over the next few days you're more likely to succumb to delusions, so don't rush anything. Be more reasonable and patient.


Set aside more time for a break today in order to refresh your views on numerous issues. Postpone all of the more important tasks and focus on relaxing in order to review your past and present. This approach is going to help you pick out new goals that you can pursue with greater confidence.


Be very cautious today, don't do anything spontaneous. Do your usual work and don't try to have fun with anything new and unusual because it'll ultimately only bring you disappointments. Some of your friends may not justify the trust you've granted them but this is no reason to let it turn into a reason for quarrels.


Expect disappointments throughout the day. The plans you've made earlier may not develop exactly the way you had hoped. Various misunderstandings will lead to reasons for conflict with your partner and those of your social circle. Be careful with your finances and don't spend needlessly over the coming weeks.


Don't take on any risky tasks over the coming weeks because they're either going to get delayed or mixed up. Try to be calmer and follow your usual routine. You're not going to be as work-capable, plus you may get into conflicts with those around you more often. Do not make conclusive decisions on the love front either, to avoid regrets later.


It's not the most suitable day for expressing initiative or being too stubborn, for these will only bring problems. Try to finish what you've already begun and in such a way so that you don't have to go back to it over and over. Analyze your past failures and think about what you've learned from them.


During the next few days you'll need to invest effort and not react too emotionally to the emerging problems. Be more restrained and try to evaluate the situation soberly. Your aggression and hastiness will only further complicate the obstacles.


Starting today try to think more about your health instead of achievements and money. If you overburden yourself, it's going to affect you both emotionally and physically. Consider the quality of the food you're eating and try to take regular breaks. The time is suitable for parting with certain bad habits and living more healthily.


Starting today you'll be able to more clearly assess what kinds of people you've surrounded yourself with. The masks will fall off and you're going to realize who among your acquaintances are just drama queens and are only around you for their own personal gain. The period allows you the opportunity to end relationships with fake friends and step away from individuals who are constantly letting you down.


Only trust your longtime acquaintances starting today and don't mislead them with overly ambitious promises. It's best if you didn't make decisions on your own but sought the advice of loved ones. They will help you discern the truth from the lies and prevent future disappointments.