Mermaids - myth or reality?


Are there mermaids, unicorns, dragons, fairies and elves? Many argue that this contraption is nonsense, but some stories have rebutted the existence of mythical creatures.

In the year of 1830 the locals of the Isle of Benbecula gathered seaweed. The ocean was perfectly calm then one of the women saw the water close and saw what she claimed a woman with a scale and that the creature was happily swimming and was diving into the water like a child. The creature was apparently not intimidated by people standing close by. When the men decide to fence the creature from the ocean to see it the so called mermaid easily sailed deep into it.

One of the boys with the approval of the adults threw stone, which struck her. Whether for that reason or because of the shock after several days the mermaid died. The waves threw her ashore. Eyewitness said: "The upper part of the body of this creature was like a well-fed child of three or four years, but with an abnormally developed breast. Her hair was dark and shiny and was with soft white skin. The lower part of the body represented the tail, like salmon, but no flakes. Nobody knew what to do with the mermaid, the local sheriff Duncan Shaw ordered to bury her in the coffin against the place where she was thrown by the waves.

Other examples are known of encounters with such tiny creatures. Mermaids the size of a ten-year old child, was spotted off the coast of Ireland in the year 1819. English newspaper The Daily Telegraph wrote in 1886 of two fishermen, who saw a mermaid which swim under their boat. She was also the size of a child, according to the description of one of the fishermen: she had a tail like a salmon. The fishermen also swore by his words saying "May god punish me if I lie and allow me not to earn one shilling"

A little mermaid has also been claimed to have been seen in the Baltic Sea, this was when they claimed the ethnographic in Estonia. This mermaid has also been seen with a fisherman swimming in the river.

In the newspaper Gazeta Shipping on June 4th , in 1857 one can read the story of a Scottish sailor who, under oath before the Bible said "near the sea shore with my own eyes I saw what looked like a woman with a white body, large breasts and black hair".

River mermaids look the same. In a license from Russia in 1990 it reads: "Looks like a girl who stands among the swamp, her hair is black and disbanded she has a white face and black eyes. Sometimes she is in a river and is seen sitting on a large stone.

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Comments (5)

18.12.2013 07:13
Watch the two hour documentary "Mermaids, Body Found." Its fascinating - it never occurred to me that they could really exist but after watching this documentary, I think its a real possibility.
20.12.2012 06:34
''The real mermaid that was found dead in Gawadar (Pakistan) in 2010'' is a SCULPTURE by Juan Cabana artist. come on
Murshid PAAK
09.11.2012 20:58
A real mermaid was found dead in Gawadar(Pakistan) in 2010. It can be searched via google or youtube.
Kristal Ramirez
02.10.2012 00:26
this is really interesting kind of makes you think that theres more than 1 life out there ...
Ricky L
25.07.2012 10:30
thanks for this info i love reading and learning about things that caugh my attention..

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