The Strange Things our Bodies do During Sleep

The Strange Things our Bodies do During Sleep

Skin metabolism speeds up while we sleep, thereby restoring the skin after removing dead cells throughout the day. The body begins to produce more proteins during sleep, which are needed for growth and damage repair.



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Metabolism - What Leads to Poor Sleep?

What Leads to Poor Sleep?


The one thing that you should be aware of is physical exercises, which disrupt sleep if done up to 3 hours before bed. In some cases, watching TV in the evening with the goal of becoming sleepy can lead us to the opposite effect.

Metabolism - Napping in the Afternoon Can Kill us

Napping in the Afternoon Can Kill us


It has been proven in many studies that an afternoon snooze has its health benefits for the body and quality of life, but the inability for us to control its duration can make us sick and lead to a fatal outcome.

Metabolism - Obese people sleep less

Obese people sleep less


People who sleep five or fewer hours per day, more often suffer from overweight and obesity. It is assumed that the duration of sleep affects the speed of Metabolism.

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