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A Walk to Relieve FatigueA Walk to Relieve Fatigue
17 Oct.
American scientists have proven the benefits of walking. Even a short 10 minute walk increases energy levels by 20% and decreases fatigue by 65%. “It is a common myth that when a person is tired, a bit more exercise...
Tea saves us from nightmaresTea saves us from nightmares
22 Jan.
One of the many benefits for our body is a regular consumption of tea. This amazing natural potion, which is prepared from leaves, buds, flowers and fruits of certain plants helps against many diseases. It has been...
Dreaming of a sealed tooth?  You'll find long-lost propertyDreaming of a sealed tooth? You'll find long-lost property
08 Dec.
reconciled with that person and you will have mutual benefits. To dream that your teeth are clean, but they still are not shining, predicts that you will entrust your interests to someone who is actually a insecure partner....
What is the Meaning of a Mole on the Chin?What is the Meaning of a Mole on the Chin?
26 Oct.
with an inborn artistic talent at the same time. They always reap the maximum benefits of the situation they find themselves in. They are thought to grow ever wise over the years. A mole on the chin is a symbol of...
This 11-Year-Old Girl is America`s Youngest GeniusThis 11-Year-Old Girl is America`s Youngest Genius
28 Nov.
capable of detecting the presence of lead in water more effectively and precisely than methods used so far. Along with her prize, Rao took home a $25 000 check, while her idea is going to be further developed and...
Your Daily Horoscope for October 27Your Daily Horoscope for October 27
27 Oct.
the park would get the job done. Gemini Today, fate would have you meet people from your past who have played a key role in your personal life. This is going to bring you benefits to your current partner...
Find out Your Horoscope for Today - November 17Find out Your Horoscope for Today - November 17
17 Nov.
be so pragmatic and don't seek benefits at all costs. Capricorn - The facts today will seem unclear and misleading to you. No matter how hard you try to find logic, it'll be problematic to do so. But instead of...
Find out Your Horoscope for Today - August 10Find out Your Horoscope for Today - August 10
10 Aug.
yourself with egotism, aggressiveness and high emotionality, which are not to your benefit at the moment. Gemini - The best possible decision is to take the day off today. You're not going to reap much benefits in...
The Ship of Death - the Most Brutal Maritime Tragedy in the WorldThe Ship of Death - the Most Brutal Maritime Tragedy in the World
24 July
ones who did try to survive in the water ultimately froze in the icy waters. Out of all those who boarded the Ship of Death, only about 1000 survived, thanks to the lifeboats. The other 9000 found their watery grave in the icy depths....
Your Most Accurate Monthly Horoscope for August is HereYour Most Accurate Monthly Horoscope for August is Here
01 Aug.
. Take advantage of everything at your disposal - this will bring many benefits and profits. Aquarius - Complete tranquility takes over The month of August means tranquility for Aquarius. If you're not on vacation...
At Devil`s Bath you Can Smell Hell ItselfAt Devil`s Bath you Can Smell Hell Itself
04 May
, Devil's Bath is more likely to make you sick than cure your ills. A strong stench of rotten eggs wafts from the water, one that not everyone is able to stand. Additionally, the water isn't your typical blue color, it's...
Swimming in a hotel poolSwimming in a hotel pool
05 Jan.
I am swimming in a hotel pool with friends. There are pink small worms in the water. The worms are falling from the trees that are around the pool. That's when I notice that there is a ten foot pink worm in the pool with us? I am startled, not scared, but I am not interested in swimming with worms so I get out of the water....
Flowers in the Home Protect from CursesFlowers in the Home Protect from Curses
26 Sept.
, while also having innumerable health benefits. For example, the juice secreted by its leaves is used in folk medicine to treat skin irritation, wounds, herpes and others. If you are for some reason unable to...
Achieve harmony through AyurvedaAchieve harmony through Ayurveda
31 Jan.
of the body. Follow these steps to learn to achieve the desired harmony. Yoga Practice yoga. Yoga exercises are considered "sister" of Ayurveda, and have many benefits to studying them. The expected results are...
Which Sleep Position is Healthiest?Which Sleep Position is Healthiest?
29 July
. The only downside is that sleeping on your back leads to snoring. The next best sleeping position is sleeping on your side. The benefits are the same as sleeping on your back with the difference being that snoring is...

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