What are People Born on Thursday Like?

What are People Born on Thursday Like?
Image: mysteries24.com

People born on Thursday are quite different from everyone else - something that can be spotted about them a mile away. They want a lot from everyone and they want it now. If there's 2 cakes to choose from, they have to try both. They can't just go to the store and leave with only 1 purchase.

But this has its plus side because people born on Thursday often aim for goals way too big for their age and abilities and yet, somehow, still manage to reach them.

However, the tendency for grandeur can play a cruel joke on them. People born on Thursday usually exaggerate about things and this really gets in their way of a peaceful life. They are under the guardianship of Jupiter which grants them plenty of ambition and competitiveness.

Individuals born on Thursday are superb students and then employees later on. They are smart, ambitious and persistent. They have leadership qualities and usually realize themselves wonderfully in their field of work. It is of particular importance for them to have the support of their family and loved ones.

Persons born on Thursday easily assimilate new knowledge in all fields of science but can become extraordinary scientists if they focus on just one. They learn languages quickly and love to travel.


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