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What Does it Mean When You Have Hiccups?

What Does it Mean When You Have Hiccups?

Hiccups are a process in which the diaphragm makes an involuntary contraction. The diaphragm is that muscle that separates our chest from the abdominal cavity. It has a very important role in controlling breathing. When the diaphragm contracts, it causes the vocal cords to close and that's where the sound we hear when we hiccup comes from.

However, what does it mean if we hiccup and what could be the reasons for this, we will find out now. Basically, according to popular belief, when a person hiccups, it means someone is talking about them. However, there are other causes of hiccups and they may be different from superstitions. Here's what they are:

- When you have consumed large amounts of food or eat very quickly;

- When you drink carbonated drinks;

- When there are sudden changes in temperature;

- When you are overexcited or under emotional stress;

If you are hiccupping for more than 48 hours, it could be due to many reasons which are:

- One of the most common causes of persistent hiccups is damage or irritation to the vagus nerve, or this is the nerve that is responsible for the innervation of the diaphragm. And the reasons for this can be:

- A hair or other small object that got into the ear and irritates the eardrum;

- Sore throat or laryngitis;

- Possible tumor in the neck area;

- Damage to the central nervous system;

Persistent hiccups can also be caused by:

- alcohol abuse;

- anesthesia;

- barbiturates;

- electrolyte imbalance;

- kidney failure;

- steroids.



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