Dream of drowning

Dream of drowning
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my dream is confusing , i was in a fish market looking at these big catfish , me and my homeboy walked in there to use the bathroom. i saw the girl looking at me . i went over there at ask what was wrong she was laughing at me about what i had on ! i told her i had $100 dollar shirt and $1, 000 dollars shoes on

She did not believe me so i showed her on a website how much they was and showed he some of my other pictures , i had some pictures of the county fair on the farris wheel, i was overlooking the water i told her it was fun! then i started thinking about the ride i was on.

Only thing i remeber was i was on the ride and i broke and the whole ride fell in the water n i couldnt get out because i was locked in the seat , then i woke up , i dont understand this dream ! dreaming about one thing then start dreaming about something else? please help me out!


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24.10.2013 00:47
First and wow what a story!