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A dream of waters

A dream of waters
On saturday I woke up very scared. I saw my face in a dream looking very dissappointing. It looked as if it was struck by a small meteorite or asteroid. I had two outward wounds on my left side of my face. Getting even more scared was the case that the dream gave me. As a person who is HIV positive I was thinking that may be Its time I was getting sick. But at the time I was worried about my situation. There was another big worry. A crossing of a big planet like objects. People started to run for safety screaming. Fortunately the planet didnt hit our planet, but it passed over our heads. But as it passed with its speed. It looked like it was going to hit somewhere to the direction it was heading. It looked like it was getting down as it was moving passed us. The ocean was again on top of our heads like a cover as if something there like the unseen grid is holding water not to drop on the ground. Very confusing events. Thanks


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24.03.2013 14:59
Do you have AIDS in real life? Maybe that is your answer. If it's related to your disease, you feel as if the angel of death may have passed you over. You're waiting for the other shoe to drop. The planet passing overhead is symbolic of this. How could you still be well? Maybe the "grid" is some sort of divine intervention, protecting you from illness. Let's hope it stays that way! Good luck.