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Childhood Dreams of Fear

Childhood Dreams of Fear
Ok, so for a while now I've been having these dreams about death, as in, the grim reaper himself. They are scaring me a lot and marketing me go crazy and doubt my life. I'm so paranoid now. What does it mean if I keep dreaming of him?
I've also started having this dream again I used to to have when I was little. It's like a roman war scene, but the weird thing is that it's in like a freeze frame and I'm stuck with just that image. I used to freak out, start thrashing around and screaming and crying. It was horrible, is. I don't go crazy now, but what kills me every time is the fear. Pure gut wrenching fear. Imagine a little girl having that feeling almost every night. I went to therapy for awhile but it didn't do anything. Now, years later, I've got the image in my head. The fear, I would hit me before I would even see the scene. And just to add to that I used to freak out sometimes to. Right at bedtime, my mother kisses me goodnight and gets up to but I cling tightly to her hand. I felt these horrible emotions of fear and confusion but mostly fear. I instantly start sobbing and freaking out begging my mother not to leave. I've never really thought about why this may have happened to me until now. It's the fear that's messing with me now. What could have made me that scared? Not to mention that horrible bloody roman war scene. Does anyone have any idea what this means?!?!?!


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Roman war scene
Roman war scene
24.03.2013 15:53
It's probably the fear of the Unknown. The Roman war scene is only symbolic of something that you fear most. Your fear is palpable, and very real. This is a panic attack, yes, you can have them in your sleep, they can be caused by chemical imbalances of the brain. You may have an anxiety disorder. For the Grim Reaper, I'd say you have either some strong unresolved fears, or an entity with you. This spirit may choose to manifest itself to you in this way, to scare you and earn your fear and respect. Try talking to it, and see what it wants. Then it may transform into something else. Good luck.