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Confusing dream... Muddy Ocean,Rats, dogs

Confusing dream... Muddy Ocean,Rats, dogs
I had a dream that has me really un-easy. We were at my brother's house and I woke up in my dream and walked to his backyard and all my family were there just looking towards the horizon. His whole backyard was now a muddy sticky ocean filled with millions and millions of dread and alive big black rats. Looked like our house and my family were the only thing left in this world everything was gone. we were like floating in the ocean and were able to walk on it only a small section off the deck. Very dirty and gooey(sticky)thick water. Everyone was quiet and sad or worried; speechless. there was like 7 or 8 black dogs like pit bulls and they would jump into the sticky water to prey the rats and eat them alive. I saw blood, saw the pain and expressions of the rats when they were being eaten and also saw the dogs turning into beast only when attacking the rats but wouldn't harm any of us. The dogs were like our guards but I felt them very evil. After that I argued w/ my sister in law's sister really bad. We were yelling for something really bad she had done but don't know what.


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Sea of troubles
Sea of troubles
24.03.2013 14:40
Rats are things that trouble or scare you. There seems to be an endless supply of them, sent your way by evil entities. The entities assumed the form of dogs in this dream (as they often do). The evil spirits want to be your "guardian angels" (with the caveat that they want something in return). They actually sent the plague of rats to trouble you. Don't let them disturb you, or give in to your fears. They are trying to start an argument in the family. Don't allow them to, try to take the higher road of mellow compassion. They will try anything, as you've seen, and trouble your whole family, too. Something you may or may not want to discuss with them.