Horrible dream

Horrible dream
I am hoping someone can help me understand this dream I had, it is horrible and will continue to haunt me until I know what it means.

I was sleeping in my mother's house and woke up to a huge amount of thick black smoke. i jumped out of bed and the house was an awful mess, her dog and cat had somehow managed to catch the living room floor on fire with her coffee pot and in the mean while destroyed the house.

I woke her up and poured water on the fire then laid back down in bed. I suddenly realized my children where with John unsupervised (my step father which molested me as a child).

I went outside and it was dark I could barely see, there was two men which in my dream where sasquatch people, my mother and I could not make out who else was there. I heard the sound whip cracking and a creaking noise in a rhythm (these sounds where very loud and the sound of laughter.

I looked to my left and saw a young boy ball and gagged hanging in some kind of sex swing contraption and a man standing below him, I said to my mother is that John? Then said Oh my God is that what I think it is? (I felt such terror.

My mother began to sob uncontrollably and I began to scream for my 21 year old daughter. At that point I wok up and jumped out of the bed.


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15.10.2013 00:48
I've been keeping records of my dreams for over 35 years and I've learned to interpret some of my dreams. If a dream is horrible and scary, you much pray that God protect you and your family from any danger. If you haven't forgiven someone for hurting you in the pass, forgive them and release them. Vengeance is mind says The Lord, He will repay.