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Decaying fish, horse head and cow leg Been stuck in my head and need help

Decaying fish, horse head and cow leg Been stuck in my head and need help
I'll just give you the dream:

My roommate and bf all moved into a house (a house i have seen online when we were looking, all aspects JUST like the pictures). My rrommate and i noticed a hottub outside (was not in the pictures) and decided to get in.

While sitting, my roommate said she felt something on her foot, I look down and a HUGE rotten fish floats up. We step out and I start looking more and there are tons of them (the hottub also got larger). I then notice an enormous horse head, rotten as well, but only the head, along with I think a cows leg.

And then the dream just ended.

It was one of the most descriptive and realistic dreams Ive had and it didnt scare me I was just confused.
It's been playing in my head like a movie for the last 2 days, Help??


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Katie-Ellen@Tactical Tarot
Katie-Ellen@Tactical Tarot
16.04.2013 14:48
Dreams often use symbols and puns and metaphors to talk to you about real things affecting you. This is your personal context, the clues are in current and recent events surrounding you. But two possible interpretations spring to mind, reading this, one immediately practical, the other more abstract. Maybe your unconscious is trying to flag up something rotten beneath the surface, such as house drains, plumbing or asking you to pay attention to a health matter, such as a tooth or urinary tract infection. Or, there is something you sense is too good to be true. You weren't looking for the hot tub, it was extra, and then, it contained rotten things. What lies beneath? Why those particular animal parts I can't speculate, but sometimes things seen or heard during the day get made to serve in dreams. If the dream is recent - I see it is - I'd suspec the fish is something else, but the horse head and cow leg could have been your processing and finding relevance symbolically in the news of the horse meat scandal. Horse passed off as beef, for instance, is being made to symbolise a possible breach of faith, as a warning to look deep, trust signs and instincts about health, and not to trust something being offered, especially if it seems too good to be true.