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New relationship with old friend

New relationship with old friend
Last night I dreamt that a guy I have know since kindergarten and I were paired together as partners at a camp type thing. After we were paired he sat down next to me and put his arm around me, which is weird for him, he deffinatly isn't like that normally. Whilst we were paired he was acting really different around me, almost as if we were a couple. Then in a turn of events, we were sitting together when another guy who appeared as a complete stranger to me started hitting on me. I can't quite remember what happened here but I remember it finishing in argument over who was going to marry me when we were all older, it was exactly like a toddlers 'I'm going to play with the toy first' argument between the two guys. The guy I was paired with ended up winning and we started acting like we were a couple, as if I started to get feelings for him, feelings I have never felt for him before. I found the dream very baffling, I have never felt the feelings I felt for him in the dream in awake life. Could this mean I like him? Does it mean he likes me? I have also had many dreams where we were together closer than we are in awake life.


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Old friend
Old friend
24.03.2013 14:53
Who knows? Maybe, maybe not. Even if you harbor secret feelings for him, they might never come to fruition. I can see how much this frustrates you. YOu were really hoping the dream meant something more, perhaps prophetic, but no dice. THe stranger in your dream is your adult self's way of letting you know that you need to keep your options open and give opportunities to new guys to meet you. I think that is exactly what you should do. Real life is rarely so cut-and-dry as it is in a dream, a fantasy or fiction. Keep trying!