Church camp and a super cute guy

Church camp and a super cute guy
Last night I had a dream where I was a church camp and it was the last day and my dad (We are not on good terms with eachother) came and picked me up 3 hours before it ended so I missed a lot of fun stuff. He then took me to my grandparents and I was in a fowl mood.

I also had a dream where I was at a mall and I ran into this super cute guy (This guy really exists he is a football player at my school and he is in my first period and I don't know his name) and we began talking and laughing and flirting. We just went walking all over the mall then we ran into my friend Thomas (he is also a football player) and they began to talk.

They were talking to each other about stealing something and all the football players were in on it. Then we went to a store and he tried to open a safe and some lady passed by and kept staring at me ...... Interpretation please !!!!!!


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