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Strange happenings occur again

Strange happenings occur again
In my other stories I mention the strange coincidence of the death of my two grandfathers in the same day, and the curse which the old woman spoke of in Greece, aimed at me.

Other odd things have happened in my life since then. Once when I was second shift at school, I was woken up by loud noise in the kitchen. My parents were at work. I went into the kitchen and saw broken dishes, cutlery scattered, and I have no pet. Then I returned back to my room to dress and heard someone knocking on my window. I was terribly scared, I live on the 8’th floor, and nobody can just knock, while we have no terrace, so we can’t say that drying clothes have hit the glass.

When I left for school, I called the elevator, got in alone and felt someone pulled my shoulder. I asked. In the mirror I saw only my reflection, but also a stain on my shirt, as if stained with ink. At school, prior to mathematics, I looked at my notebook and saw that I have not done my homework. I wished to have a free period, it was made so.

Another story is when I had a school project for the next day. It was 19:30 and I had no glue. Booksellers were closed, and without this project, I would get a bad mark for the year. I dug in all the cabinets and desperately wanted the glue to be in the kitchen. I did not think that it will happen, but when I went to drink water, I could not believe - the glue was in the bread.


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jeff the killer
jeff the killer
24.07.2012 02:43
that happens to me alot