Death of sister

Death of sister
my dream..

i am sit in my farming field....

my sister come to me and crying and then told me....

i am realize now abt society....

and the same time a tractor come to our field for ploughing the field...

sister went their and told nice tractor....

then wantedly sucide under the tires of tractor...

m crying and going to home to told my mother....

wil you plz help me what dat dream indicats...


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22.03.2014 03:26
I don't know. I dreamed my sister died too. I don't remember the dream clearly though. Here are two parts that actually happened.
I was at school and I had a certain teacher for a certain class.
I had the teacher I was thinking about before sleep so she could have come into my mind while I was sleeping. For part of the day there was the teacher from the day. I was even wearing the same clothes from the dream. It's been two or three days since I tried to call my sister and she hasn't called back!!! :( At random times during the day I found myself crying!!!

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