Vampire Den

Vampire Den
I started out at a party with a few people. I walk up stairs and start looking in the rooms up there all I see is people having sex.

Then I walk into one room and they ask if I want to join, I say no and start to leave thats when 2 vampires try to bite me. All of a sudden the leader says from the background leave her alone she will be mine.

She will carry my offspring so the 2 walk away and he walks over to me looking very happy. So the next few days go by and we just keep having sex. I start to notice that the female vampire is gettng jealous.

All of a sudden there is a noise outside so they all go down and start feeding on the people out there. All except the leader who starts having sex with me.

Afterwards I notice a bunch of clothes lying around so I start to put them in the dressers in the apartment. I wake up from this dream and fall back alseep only to be in the same dream this time after a few days they turn me. and I return as a vampire.

The whole time i'm in this dream I keep missing my boyfriend but I am not able to leave because they will kill him if I do. I usually have crazy dreams but this is one of the top ten craiziest, exspecially since I woke up and then entered the dream.


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