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The Secret of the Lake with the SkeletonsThe Secret of the Lake with the Skeletons
30 Apr.
Almost a century after its discovery, the Lake still hides its dark secret....
Reviving the Dead with the Lazarus EffectReviving the Dead with the Lazarus Effect
12 May
In most parts of the world, a person is pronounced dead after they experience a complete and irreversible loss of brain function. This condition is known as brain death....
The Mysterious Tribe Living in PakistanThe Mysterious Tribe Living in Pakistan
08 Oct.
Besides living anywhere from 110-120 years, the people there never get sick from anything, making scientists marvel at the fact....
The secret language of flowersThe secret language of flowers
29 Nov.
Tulip, is a symbol of spring, wealth and life after death, and was first cultivated in Persia, but now is known as a flower, perfectly cultivated by the Dutch....
The 10 Most Secret Sites in the WorldThe 10 Most Secret Sites in the World
30 May
The Secret Subway, Moscow Under the main public Moscow subway lines there is a second, secret subway system....
The Macabre Secret of the Cave of SkeletonsThe Macabre Secret of the Cave of Skeletons
21 Oct.
Based on the evidence the scientists find on the skeletons, it became clear that they had died as the result of a violent death....
Photo Albums of the DeadPhoto Albums of the Dead
31 Mar.
Deceased children were photographed in their parents' embrace, and living ones - in the laps of their dead mothers....
The Ancient Dead Sea ScrollsThe Ancient Dead Sea Scrolls
27 Feb.
It was spring 1947 when a group of Bedouin goat herders were searching the coast of the Dead Sea searching for a goat. Even to this day it continues to cause a fascination within the scholarly community....
The Secrets of PlutoThe Secrets of Pluto
11 Nov.
It was believed that this planet was cold and was often labeled as "dead". Most astounding to scientists were the 1st pictures that New Horizons sent back after its flyby of Pluto....
Secrets of the mirrorSecrets of the mirror
20 June
Venetians kept this secret as the apple of their eye over two hundred years and their mirrors sold on exorbitant prices....
Secret of the fireballs of the Mekong in ThailandSecret of the fireballs of the Mekong in Thailand
30 Nov.
Only once a year, in the first full moon of October, in the northern part of Thailand, an inexplicable phenomenon happens. At sunset, on the surface of the Mekong River fly pink, orange and green fireballs. After...
The Merina People's Little-Known Festival of the DeadThe Merina People's Little-Known Festival of the Dead
27 Oct.
This coming together of the living and the dead is a traditional one for the Merina culture....
The Philae Probe Will Reveal the Secrets of the UniverseThe Philae Probe Will Reveal the Secrets of the Universe
13 Nov.
The mission's goal is to uncover the secrets of the Universe by studying the comets that are thought to be some of the primary remains from the formation of the Solar System 4.6 billion years ago....
Parts of the book of the dead were found in the sarcophagiParts of the book of the dead were found in the sarcophagi
10 Oct.
This colorful mix is explained by the fact that probably the Book of the Dead was edited and enriched for several centuries....
Nan Madol: The Greatest Archaeological SecretNan Madol: The Greatest Archaeological Secret
04 Mar.
Legends about lost civilizations like Atlantis and El Dorado have always piqued human curiosity with their mysteriousness. Along the coasts of Micronesia, there lies another strange island called Nan Madol. It...