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RoboRoach - the New Super SpyRoboRoach - the New Super Spy
06 Oct.
Scientists from the Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University in Kaliningrad have created the smallest robotized spy in the world. The experts from the University's tech division have announced that they've successfully...
Three of the Weirdest Spy Operations in HistoryThree of the Weirdest Spy Operations in History
24 Nov.
Spy movie buffs have seen all kinds of crazy top secret operations on screen. But as it turns out, the weirdest, most insane missions are not a product of the film industry but actually happened in real life...
How to Find out if your Phone is Tracking youHow to Find out if your Phone is Tracking you
11 Dec.
There are several clues that can help you determine whether your mobile phone has spying software installed and whether it's used to track, listen or spy on you in some way. Often these signs can be difficult to notice...
The Incredible Story of Mata HariThe Incredible Story of Mata Hari
05 Feb.
Mata Hari is known for being the most famous spy of the 20th century. Mata Hari, her stage name, in Malaysian means "eye of dawn". Her father was the owner of a hat store but Mata Hari claimed he was a Japanese prince...
Taurus 2013 - Yearly HoroscopeTaurus 2013 - Yearly Horoscope
26 Nov.
support humanitarian and social causes. Secret societies, charitable organizations and art groups will attract you. Your intuition and imagination are being enhanced, but do not hesitate in your goal and its...
Elephant Cries After Being FreedElephant Cries After Being Freed
09 July
reason why the animal is exceptionally weak and visibly worn down. After suffering all kinds of tortures for a period of half a century, Raju started crying after he was at last saved by an organization fighting for the...
Pterodactyl or UFO over a lake in Argentina?Pterodactyl or UFO over a lake in Argentina?
22 Sept.
UFO, Kriptozoo organizations, suggest that the photographed object may be an unknown substance or a flying dinosaur who had lived on Earth 66 million years ago....
Planned Attempt for Contact with a Mysterious Amazonian TribePlanned Attempt for Contact with a Mysterious Amazonian Tribe
10 Aug.
. A local Peruvian organization, FENAMAD, also believes that people should not approach representatives of secluded tribes. The main reason there being that such an encounter may lead to undesirable consequences, as has...
The Thrilling Life of Sidney Reilly - the Real James BondThe Thrilling Life of Sidney Reilly - the Real James Bond
08 Dec.
In 1953, Ian Fleming shared with a a friend that he felt inspired to create the character James Bond after having read about the life of Sidney Reilly. Books about the super-spy became bestsellers and continue to sell...
Happy World UFO Day, Agent Mulder!Happy World UFO Day, Agent Mulder!
02 July
nation. According to his testimony, they were dealing with the remains of a top secret probe by the U.S. army called "Project Mogul", whose mission was to spy on Soviet nuclear testing. Other higher-ups from the...
A large ancient city has been discovered in the AmazonA large ancient city has been discovered in the Amazon
01 Jan.
identify the remains of settlements that were inhabited by at least 50, 000 inhabitants. Anthropologists from the University of Florida believe that the town in the southern Amazon had a high level of organization. It...
Capricorn 2013 - Yearly HoroscopeCapricorn 2013 - Yearly Horoscope
19 Dec.
, organizations and friends will bring opportunities for a secure financial future. Older adults are your loyal friends and protectors that you can count on. The growth of Capricorn is achieved by working with others...
Which Gemstones are Suitable for Gemini?Which Gemstones are Suitable for Gemini?
09 Nov.
topaz. Persons born during the 2nd 10-day period of Gemini are generally businesslike, energetic and dislike clutter. They have organizational skills and are passionate and loving to a point that's not very characteristic...
The Zika Virus is an Evil Conspiracy! Analyze the TheoriesThe Zika Virus is an Evil Conspiracy! Analyze the Theories
23 Feb.
The World Health Organization has declared the Zika virus a threat to the entire human race. After this alarming announcement, several conspiracy theories about the origins of the virus emerged. Some culprits...
Internet Access is Ever More Limited on a Global ScaleInternet Access is Ever More Limited on a Global Scale
03 Dec.
year in a row worldwide. Data on this issue by the non-governmental organization Freedom House was published in a special report on Wednesday. The study reveals how the majority of governments are censoring information...

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