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Ecological catastrophe destroyed the Mayan civilizationEcological catastrophe destroyed the Mayan civilization
27 Feb.
We have over 6 million survivors of the Mayan civilization, living in Mexico, Guatemala and Honduras....
Aztecs - Civilization and CultureAztecs - Civilization and Culture
21 Jan.
Historical evidence suggests that Aztecs were advanced and were a prosperous civilization which built beautiful and elegant cities....
Ancient civilizations: Zapotec - rise and fallAncient civilizations: Zapotec - rise and fall
22 Sept.
When it comes to Columbia's lost civilizations, the Aztec and Mayan often overlooked the Zapotec....
Pyramids on MarsPyramids on Mars
30 Nov.
Some of the pyramids on Mars are with the absolutely upright corners of an equilateral triangle, while others are truncated cones - just like the Mayan pyramids....
Ancient Egyptian PyramidsAncient Egyptian Pyramids
25 Feb.
This was the duty of the Pharaohs, hence the Pyramids being built....
Lost Chinese pyramidsLost Chinese pyramids
05 Dec.
The interest in Chinese pyramids significantly increased in 1994 with the publication of the book White Pyramid by Hartvig Hausdorff....
The Pyramids in BosniaThe Pyramids in Bosnia
02 Oct.
Indeed, the pyramids near Sarajevo are three – the Pyramid of the Sun, the Pyramid of the Dragon and the Pyramid of the Moon....
The Lost Civilization of RamaThe Lost Civilization of Rama
26 Feb.
Everyone's heard of the lost civilization of Atlantis. But there are other lost civilizations which we know little or nearly nothing about but which are no less interesting and intriguing....
History of the Crete CivilizationHistory of the Crete Civilization
09 July
The end of the Cretan civilization came when it was at its peak....
35 Pyramids Discovered in Sudan35 Pyramids Discovered in Sudan
07 Nov.
A pyramid with an usual rounded shape also arouses interest. The graves around the pyramids were most likely plundered back in ancient times....
New pyramids found in EgyptNew pyramids found in Egypt
29 June
Today the most famous pyramids in Egypt are the Pyramids at Giza, the most popular is the Great Pyramid, designed for Pharaoh Khufu....
The history of the Sumerian civilizationThe history of the Sumerian civilization
08 Dec.
The Sumerian civilization is the oldest civilization and was undoubtedly amazing. There is even a case being made that they met with an alien civilization....
Ancient City of Man-Ape Civilization DiscoveredAncient City of Man-Ape Civilization Discovered
09 Mar.
The ancient civilization of man-apes is not very well known to science but is believed to have existed in antiquity....
Photographed: Pyramids Sending Rays into SpacePhotographed: Pyramids Sending Rays into Space
03 Feb.
The latest photographs of the pyramids in Egypt, China and Mexico caused panic among the scientific community. In the photos, the tips of the pyramids can be seen sending rays into space....
The underwater pyramids in the BahamasThe underwater pyramids in the Bahamas
23 July
The pyramids are about a century old, according to the calculations of scientists, so that eliminates the possibility that they are remnants of ancient civilizations....