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The Crime of Passion That Shook HollywoodThe Crime of Passion That Shook Hollywood
01 June
Back in 1910, Hollywood was a long cry from today's brilliance but even then there was no lack of people dreaming of becoming famous. Alongside the production of the first films however, the era of early Hollywood is...
UFO films cause hallucinationsUFO films cause hallucinations
16 Sept.
There are more frequent alerts of UFO sightings after a Hollywood and the worlds film studios release a movie objected on the very subject of extraterrestrial beings. David Clarke from the University of Sheffield is...
Will we all die in 2012?Will we all die in 2012?
24 Feb.
Predicted by the ancient Mayans, our planet will be destroyed in 2012, now it has become quite frightening because of the Hollywood hit \"2012\". Is this really a prophecy? According to American scientists, the date...
Incredible Survival StoriesIncredible Survival Stories
10 Jan.
On TV series, we often see cases of unimaginable healing, but do such cases actually exist in real life? Actually they do, and they all would be a great storyline for a Hollywood production. For example, fourteen...
Dinosaur Myths you Probably BelieveDinosaur Myths you Probably Believe
07 July
a lot more scaly. There were, however, plant-eating lizards whose bodies were covered with feathers, like birds. Not all dinosaurs were huge Hollywood movies have impressed the image of dinosaurs being...
Who was it that actually built the pyramids?Who was it that actually built the pyramids?
31 Aug.
advanced photography techniques this face is actually that of an eroding mountain, so it is argued today! Aliens and Pyramids of becoming that of a fashion theory in Hollywood, with movies being released such as Stargate...
Phenomenon: Disappeared American jumps in timePhenomenon: Disappeared American jumps in time
29 Nov.
Hollywood movies have had and do have a consistency for making movies themed on time, whether it be in the past or jumping forward to the future. Even if you think the subject is ludicrous this phenomenon really does...
Anaconda to Swallow Man Live on AirAnaconda to Swallow Man Live on Air
06 Nov.
Discovery Channel fans will be able to enjoy a brand-new spectacle. A gigantic anaconda is to swallow a man alive right on the air very soon, announced the Hollywood Reporter. The enthusiast who is to undergo this...
Immortality Will be Possible by Uploading our Brains Into ComputersImmortality Will be Possible by Uploading our Brains Into Computers
13 Oct.
The long-coveted dream for hundreds of generations throughout history and into today - immortality - may soon enough become reality. Although it may sound like another Hollywood blockbuster, uploading the brain into a...
The Crystals That Ward off Negative EnergyThe Crystals That Ward off Negative Energy
26 June
emotions at home, get one of the crystals listed below. Numerous Hollywood stars, including Gisele Bündchen, Kate Hudson and others, are enthusiasts about these kinds of crystals. Recently, Gisele admitted to having...
The Most Famous Millionaire-KillersThe Most Famous Millionaire-Killers
20 Mar.
the eccentric du Pont seems like a psychological thriller with a tragic ending. He has even inspired Hollywood producers to re-create the event. The actor Steve Carell played the role of du Pont in the TV miniseries...

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