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Facts about people with green eyesFacts about people with green eyes
25 Feb.
Sometimes people with this eye color are selfish. It is appropriate for green-eyed people to fill their life with people who are fans of the golden life....
Facts about People with Grey EyesFacts about People with Grey Eyes
29 Oct.
Here are several curious facts about them: - People with grey eyes are sensual, ones who seem to live in their own reality....
Facts about people with black hairFacts about people with black hair
20 Aug.
Here are some interesting facts about raven haired people: 1. It is believed that people with black hair are more energetic and more vibrant than others. 2....
Facts about people with brown hairFacts about people with brown hair
30 July
On the other hand, people with brown hair have an average of fewer hairs: between 100, 000 and 110, 000, much less than blondes, who have about 150 000....
Facts about black eyed peopleFacts about black eyed people
17 Mar.
Black-eyed people often feel as if they are visible on x-ray. This makes them often fall in the ranks of psychics, astrologers and sorcerers....
Facts about blue eyed peopleFacts about blue eyed people
13 Feb.
The cornea of ​​blue-eyed people is more sensitive than the cornea of ​​people with brown eyes, and people with light eyes have weaker light filters....
Facts about brown eyed peopleFacts about brown eyed people
13 Feb.
People with brown eyes are passionate, impulsive, active and energetic people. They are ambitious and adventurous at the same time, helping them in their relations with people as they often risk and win....
The Uncanny Abilities of People with Blue EyesThe Uncanny Abilities of People with Blue Eyes
04 Sept.
- Communicating with blue-eyed people has a relaxing effect, hence why their company is always sought after. - Blue-eyed people possess a high threshold of tolerance....
What color hair goes with green eyesWhat color hair goes with green eyes
07 Oct.
Finding the right hair color for green eyes is a challenge. There are many elements to consider when choosing the right hair color. Your analysis should be based on your skin tone, eye color and your true hair color....
What are People with Brown Eyes Like?What are People with Brown Eyes Like?
20 Oct.
The results indicate, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that there exists a connection between eye color and the person's character....
Facts about Space you May Not be Familiar WithFacts about Space you May Not be Familiar With
15 Feb.
As further proof we can examine the following facts, which few of us have fully realized, no matter how observant we may be....
Curious Facts about LightningCurious Facts about Lightning
24 Aug.
Here are a few curious facts about lightning: More than 25 million streaks of lightning flash across Earth's surface annually. If divided equally among the number of days that means 100 per second....
Interesting Facts about SnakesInteresting Facts about Snakes
16 Oct.
Snakes have no ears but to make up for it have excellent eyesight. They have no nose either but have the extraordinary ability to sense smells. The fangs of poisonous snakes are considered to be one of the most precise biological...
Unexpected Facts about RainUnexpected Facts about Rain
19 Jan.
But there are a number of phenomenal facts about rain that few people are aware of and we'd like to share. 1. The place where it rains most frequently is the mountain of Waialeale in Kauaʻi, Hawaii....
Facts and Myths about VampiresFacts and Myths about Vampires
30 Oct.
But most people that have been attacked by vampires die anyway. In order to become a vampire, the victim must lose all of their blood, then drink part of it from the very vampire that bit them....
6 unique facts about dreams6 unique facts about dreams
21 Jan.
Throughout ones life, we see thousands of people who then attend in some form in our dreams. Some people dream in black and white. About 12% of people dream in black and white....
Seven Surprising Facts about PlutoSeven Surprising Facts about Pluto
10 Aug.
Pluto is reddish colored - the photos by New Horizons revealed that Pluto is of a reddish-brown color and not grey or blue as was thought for years....
Several Unbelievable Facts About DreamsSeveral Unbelievable Facts About Dreams
01 Aug.
There are however, several facts about them that few know, that would seem practically impossible for the majority of people....
Lesser Known Facts about AlbinismLesser Known Facts about Albinism
24 June
Here are a few facts about albinism to break away the stereotypes. Albinism is a genetic disorder (it is present at or before birth), causing a decrease or complete absence of melanin....
Curious Facts about the MasonsCurious Facts about the Masons
25 May
We hope to shed at least a little bit of light on this organization with several of the curious facts below. Masonry exists in different forms around the entire world....
31 facts that people don't know31 facts that people don't know
15 Dec.
An adult breathes in about 23 000 times a day. 15. The human eye can distinguish 10 000 000 colors. 16. The mouth contains approximately 40 000 bacteria. 17. Sneezing with eyes open is impossible. 18....
Curious and Remarkable Facts about AnimalsCurious and Remarkable Facts about Animals
26 June
Containing about 50% fat, whale milk is 10 times fattier than human milk, helping the little ones grow at a rapid rate - gaining up to 200 pounds a day....
Most Fascinating Facts about the EarthMost Fascinating Facts about the Earth
23 Apr.
This means that life has only been around for 5-10% of Earth's history; - The most spoken language on the planet is Chinese, used by about 1 billion people....
The Most Curious Facts about AnimalsThe Most Curious Facts about Animals
20 June
The longest pregnancy is in the African elephant - about 2 years....
Myths, Legends and Facts about the MoonMyths, Legends and Facts about the Moon
12 Sept.
Not all stories about the moon are false. Most myths and legends contain some truth in themselves which fulfill the time during which they are created....