Divination with Money
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Divination with Money


Curious to find out what's in store for you? You don't need to possess prophetic abilities or go to fortune tellers. The answer lies in your wallet. There is a very simple method for divination with money.

Open up your wallet and take out all of the bank notes, lay them out in front of you. Look at the nominal values of each of them. Add together the values of all of the bank notes until you obtain a single digit number. Below, find out what event each of the numbers predicts.

Here's an example, let's say there are two 5 dollar bills and three 10 dollar bills in it. Add all of the values together (5+5+10+10+10). The result is the number 40, now add 4+0 and the final result is the single digit 4. Find out what this divination with money will bring you below.

1. You will have financial success. Expect great earnings!

2. A passionate and unforgettable love is coming your way.

3. Don't worry about the problems. You will find an unexpected solution.


4. Watch out for your enemies. Someone is trying to make you stumble.

5. Be bolder! There's a joyous event in store for you but you have to take a risk in order to be happy.

6. You're going to move - either to a new home or new city.

7. A huge opportunity is coming on the horizon - either a new job or romantic relationship!

8. Someone from your past is going to return - a former partner or friend.

9. A mistake you've made will finally be forgiven.



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4 0
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