Learn your Future Through Tasseography - the Most Accurate and Inexpensive Fortune-Telling Method

Learn your Future Through Tasseography - the Most Accurate and Inexpensive Fortune-Telling Method


Tasseography, also known as tasseomancy, is one of the oldest rituals for predicting the future, one that has been practiced as early as the time of Ancient China. Even though it's an inexpensive method, it's considered to be the most accurate in determining what awaits a given person.

Tasseography uses tea, coffee or wine for divination. The figures or patterns formed by the tea leaves or residue of the other 2 beverages are analyzed.

As the method spread around the world there have emerged numerous conceptions about how tasseography should be practiced. There are several, major, universally-accepted rules however.

For example, it's best if the reading is done by a 2nd person and not by the one whose future you're trying to predict. Additionally, the cup used for the reading needs to be white or ivory-colored.

It must not be broken, cracked or dirty. When interpreting, it's very important not to analyze the images separately but to consider the whole picture. The tone of the images is also significant. Usually, brighter images are linked to positive events, while darker ones carry bad emotions.


And now here's an example of how to conduct a tasseography divination right at home using tea.

Choose a suitable, large cup and black tea leaves. Heat up water and pour it into the cup along with the tea. Leave it to steep, then once cooled, have the person who wishes to learn their future drink almost all of it.

Leave just a little bit of tea and leaf residue at the bottom of the cup. Next, the person whose fortune is being told needs to shake the leaves 3 times, then flip the cup over onto a plate and tap it 3 times. Once this is done, the fortune-teller has to analyze the patterns formed.


Below are some of the most common images that occur in tasseography.

1. Moon - expect a new romantic relationship;

2. Circle - you will experience lots of happiness;

3. Eye - be on the lookout, changes are coming;

4. Fish - you're going to receive news;

5. Skull - watch out for enemies and diseases;

6. Snake - someone is going to try to trick or entice you into something;

7. Star - you're going to receive unexpected support;

8. House - you're going to get married;

9. Cloud - you're going to be beset by anxiety;

10. Cross - strife is coming;


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