Theories about Faraway Worlds


For centuries debate has raged in the scientific communities over whether there is life on faraway worlds in the Universe. So far, neither one of the two camps has given solid evidence for their claims but there are now literally thousands of theories about what mankind might encounter if it manages to learn the secrets of interstellar travel and leave the Solar System.

A favorite topic of discussion for millions of people around the world is how the inhabitants of far-off planets might look like, if they exist at all. As such, the subject is extremely well received by the movie industry which makes millions of dollars every year releasing movies about extraterrestrials.

While the guise of aliens leans more toward science fiction, there are fully justified theories regarding extraterrestrial plants, for example.

Depending on their distance from the star they orbit, faraway planets would have flora colored differently than what we see on Earth. If they are closer to their sun, the plants will absorb blue light and have a yellow or red color.

The plants of planets orbiting around red dwarfs would be dark brown and even black colored. This is because of the fact that they would need to absorb maximum amounts of heat and light from the faint star. The darker a plant is the more heat it would be able to absorb.

Class M stars emit tremendous amounts of ultraviolet rays. Scientists believe that any plants drawing life from these celestial bodies would be forced to hide under water.

Plants thriving around class F stars would be receiving way too much light. They would need to adapt to reflect the majority of it, forming something like a reflective surface on themselves. Their color of choice would most likely be blue, show scientific simulations.

Whether these scientific theories are true is a matter of debate. The fact is that humanity is beyond ignorant when it comes to the presence of life on other planets and even the physical laws on our own.

Not too long ago, scientists from Switzerland discovered a particle that travels at speeds faster even than light, which according to numerous experts means that the laws of physics would have to be rewritten. It would be no wonder then if distant exoplanets have completely different laws of physics and phenomena.


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