Superstitions about Rings


The majority of people wear rings as a form of decoration and don't even suspect the magical powers inherent in these items. Rings are viewed as a symbol of power.

There exist tons of superstitions about how by wearing a ring you can attract success and protect yourself from danger. If you wear these types of decorations, it's important to find out what kind of energy lies within them.

In ancient times, the Egyptians believed that there was a vein passing through the ring finger which lead straight to the heart. This legend was adopted by the Greeks during Alexander the Great's conquest of Egypt, from there passing on to the Romans.

Hence, quite logically, it was the ring finger that the wedding band was placed on and this tradition spread to nearly every corner of the world.

Losing one or both rings before the wedding itself was considered bad luck, even a portent of death. But it's also bad luck if one of the newlyweds loses their ring after the wedding. If this happens, they must immediately buy a new one, place it on their finger and utter the same words spoken at the altar.

Wedding Rings

The wedding ring should never be given to another person to see if it fits because this will lead to conflicts and problems between the couple. If the ring gets worn out or breaks, this portends the death of the bride or groom.

The belief goes that other people's metal jewelry accumulates and stores information about their owners, including the negative type. It's also not advised to re-use or melt the wedding rings of parents who have had a long and happy marriage.

Wearing a ring, no matter what kind, on the index finger, is not only a symbol of power and ambition but is also considered to activate the corresponding energies.

It's no coincidence that kings and queens in portraits can be seen wearing rings on the index finger. In some parts of Europe they even forbade people who didn't have a certain status from wearing a ring on that finger.

For centuries on end, people wore seal rings or other family symbolism on their pinky, as well as rings indicating their membership to a professional guild. It was thought that wearing a ring on the pinky helped improve relations with others.