Seven Types of Character Based on Facial Features


Our distinctive facial features can determine our character quite accurately. This is the opinion of experts from various fields, who determine 7 main types of temperament on the basis of facial characteristics.

The Leader

A round face, open expression and thin lips are the major features of this type. The leader is a tolerant person, constantly striving to expand their outlook and wisdom.


As a rule, persons with this type of face are intelligent and strong-willed. They place high value on morals and fair relations between people but are also notable for their rough and often sharp tongue.

The Craftsman


A heard-shaped face, tired expression and well formed, thick lips belong to the Craftsman type. He is creative, with a strongly developed imagination and charisma.

He attracts people to him like a magnet. People of this type aim to create beauty and ambitious works. But they get distracted easily and to keep their attention focused in one area is a real challenge since they get bored quickly.

The Warrior


Warriors have a square face, a gruff expression and eyebrows almost forming a unibrow. These individuals have a furious temperament - they explode easily and sweep away everything around them.

The warriors are people of action and dislike those who talk more than they act. Persons with this character don't put up with others' commands but also have no problem expressing their opinion openly and frequently.

The Genius


The genius possesses an oval face, a strict, deep stare and thick eyebrows. A person of this type commands the respect of others without even speaking a single word.

They dislike babble and prefer to observe and analyze the behavior of the people around them. The geniuses are even-tempered persons, who very rarely lose their self composure. They believe that they surpass others with their intelligence.


The Comic

A heard-shaped face with sharp features, full lips and an easygoing expression belong to the comic. These people are creatively oriented, while their positive mood easily infects others.

The comics are pleasant company, love being the center of attention, with this transforming them into excellent performers. The comics are joyful and well-meaning people but don't always treat their responsibilities seriously.


The Priest

The priest has an almond-shaped face, full lips and catlike eyes. These are highly ambitious individuals and put all of their time and effort into reaching their goals.

Plus they have a competitive nature and always try to perform better than others. Priests have no lack of confidence, decisiveness and self-esteem. The only thing that causes them problems is their excessive pride.


The King

A broad face with a well-defined jaw and surly expression belong to the king type. These persons are profoundly self-confident and absolutely hate it when others try to stick their nose in things they are doing.

The kings often appear gloomy and strict - in their case their appearance matches their character. They are authoritative persons, always ready to take on the responsibilities of leader.


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