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Blood type based love compatibility

Blood type based love compatibility

It is believed that besides psychological, there is a physiological compatibility too- that of compatible blood types. Men with O blood types are purposeful and confident hunters that hate competitors.

They experience awe and trembling before women of blood group O, and their relationship can develop perfectly, if the lady does not make requests for leadership in the relationship.

Group A females attract him with their inaccessibility and women with blood type B are challenging for him because they are seen only as another item that should be recorded in his notebook. Women with type AB are hard to keep because they can not get along and stay with them.

Men with blood group A like ladies from the O blood group who are romantic natures. With women of their blood group, these men find situations difficult to understand because they are considered too cold and calculating. With women from group B, they may have great love affairs. With women of AB, they can have only short romances.

Men of blood tye B know how to find a way with women. They get along with ladies with O blood type perfectly, but also women of group A too. The greatest success is achieved with women in his own blood group as they perfectly understand them. The stormy temperament of these men gets in their way in dealing with a ladies of AB.

The men of the group AB do not care as a whole for the group of women with O blood, as they are visible carriers of male qualities. This type of man is inspired by the softness of the ladies from group A. Group B Women can not rely on a long relationship with these men and women with type AB blood are downright incompatible with this group’s males.

Women with O blood are strong willed and men of the same blood are too dangerous for them, their relationship is more like a war, not a love union. They are suitable for practical men in group A. Type B Men with easily attract them, but also quickly push them away. AB are a group of dreamers that cause irritation in women with blood type O.

“A” type ladies will be bored with the men of their blood group, but with a man with type O, she will be ready to do anything. With the men in their own group, she may experience a brief but stormy relationship and the romantics of AB bring into her life some dignity, but then she gets bored.

Women with B type love men from the O type, but only as valuable trophies, not as an object of her affections, a man from Group A will provide a peaceful and long-term relationship and with a man of her own group, she will have wild adventures. Men with type AB attract her with their tendency to idealize.

Woman with type AB love men from the O blood group, but find it hard to understand them. They have perfect relations with men of group A and B group men offer an usual and forbidden love. Alliances with men from her own group are doomed to total failure.