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Unexpected Features of Cancer

Nina NordNina Nord
Cancerian horoscope

Cancerians (21 June – 22 July) are indrawn and fatalistic, they do not believe they have the ability to change their lives. This leads them to passivity, laziness and inertia.

Among all the zodiac signs, Cancer is the strongest contender for the role of an energy vampire who sucks energy from his closest relatives.

Energy vampires born under the sign of Cancer are recognized by the fact that they constantly complain and expect sympathy from others. They try to burden relatives, neighbors and colleagues with their experiences and problems.


Cancerians are subject to the moods of others - when they are depressed, they need to communicate with people who will take them out of that state. Often, this is done by leeching off the energy of the surrounding people.

When the emotional state of others worsens, Cancer feels relief and easily comes out of his depression. Cancer is prone to hysteria and often lies.

Cancer is sensitive, can be easily hurt and because of this is suspicious and offended by everything. Cancer never forgives insults.

Cancer has a heightened intuition that leads to mysticism, but tries to hide it from others, because he does not like to be separated from the crowd.

Cancer Sign

Cancerians are often hapless, as nothing is able to change their beliefs. Cancers often wear the same item of clothing for years, just because they think it fits them perfectly.

Cancer likes to argue just to make fun of his opponent and rise in his own esteem. Although lazy himself, Cancer considers all surrounding him to be lazy, that are trying to dump all their obligations on him.

Work is aversive in the tender soul of Cancer, so they load others with their tasks. Cancerians have a difficult time marrying at an early age, because they are attached to their home and mother.

Cancerians are possessive and very jealous. For Cancer, the family is his castle and he uses taboo methods to defend it.

Cancer finds happiness with Scorpio, Virgo, Capricorn and Pisces. With other zodiac signs, it is very difficult for them to reach agreement on any type of issue.



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