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Find out What you're Like Based on your Blood Type!

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The Japanese believe that a person's blood type reveals the most intimate qualities of one's personality. To find out if they're compatible, people in the Land of the Rising Sun don't ask each other about their zodiac sign, they ask about each other's blood type. It is a defining factor for many aspects of life in Japan - from whether a person will be hired for a job to whether they'll be able to sell their wares.

Blood Group A

They are exceptionally organized and often take on a leadership role. Patient and precise, they sometimes appear to be a little timid. Restraint and cold-bloodedness are characteristic of them.

People with a group A blood type are unbelievably sensitive. Quiet and restrained, they don't like talking with random strangers. Sometimes they can be seen as a little strange. Their life revolves around the motto that no one understands them. This is owed to the fact that even though they try to fit in throughout their entire life, they never actually feel to be in the right place.

These individuals always follow the right path. They are remarkable gardeners and love living among nature. Those who have their home in the city prefer to blend in with the crowd and not attract any attention.

The home is the most valuable thing for people of blood group A. It is their sanctuary and you would have to be truly special for them to allow you in it. Often seen as conservative and pessimistic, they are gifted with a peculiar kind of creativity.

Blood Group B

Passionate craftsmen and astounding animal lovers, they can often fall into egotistical extremes. Some of them are a little eccentric but can also be quite pragmatic.

These are people who prefer the hands-on approach. They know how to work with machines, devices and all kinds of complex systems. They experience the greatest happiness when something works as it should.

The purposefulness of people of blood group B sometimes borders on fanaticism. They don't like working as part of a team and prefer going at it alone. They may be labeled as loners primarily because they dislike listening to the words of others.

Their home is anything but orderly. What's important for them is to be able to quickly find what they need. Others describe them as insensitive and they often end up alone in life.

Blood Group AB

This is among the rarest and therefore most interesting blood groups. Unpredictable and mysterious oddballs, they often amaze others. They combine in them 2 conflicting personas - restraint and sociability, humility and boldness.

The 1st impression these people make is that of being exceptionally calm and composed. But underneath the surface lie unbridled passions. They go from one mood into the next very quickly.

Persons who have the AB blood group are profoundly artistically gifted. They are among the most talented artists and actors. Some of them become renowned for their divination skills, others become spiritual leaders; it's even theorized that Jesus Christ belong to blood group AB.


Blood Group O

These people are the most ambitious and goal-oriented. They stand out with their athletic talent and drive, self-confidence and generosity.

O's can be pompous and unscrupulous at times. Usually though, these folks are highly social and energetic. They adapt easily to changes and can change their views with a flick of their wrist. But their adaptability can turn them into some of the most clever criminals.

Presumably always sincere, persons of this blood group are profoundly emotional. They place a lot of importance on material valuables and see their acquisition as a way of expanding their spirituality.

Interestingly, individuals of blood group O often suffer from ulcers. This is due to the bacteria Helicobacter pylori, which attaches to blood group O cells because of their characteristics.