Love Divination with Apples

Apple divination

One little-known Slavic divination ritual can be done using apples. This method can be used at any time during the year, in contrast to Christmas Eve divination and other holiday rituals.

For centuries, apples have been a symbol of the goddess of love for many peoples. That is why the apple gives the most accurate answer to the question of whether a person loves you or does not have strong feelings toward you.

In order for the divination to be true, you need the same number of apples as the number of people of the opposite sex you are interested in at the moment. Do not use store-bought apples. They need to be homegrown - yours, from a friend's garden, or bought from a local market, but they all need to look different.

That way you will be able to associate each apple with a given person - surely you will find a way, even though at first it may be difficult. But something about each person will give you a hint as to how to associate them with a given apple.

Carve out the initials of the person on an apple. Tie colorful pieces of cloth or strips to the stems of the fruits. To find out the answer to the question of which one of these people truly loves you, leave the apples outside - on the porch or yard, if you have one. The next morning, look at the apples and observed the changes that have taken place.


If all of the fruits have been pecked by birds, it means that neither one of the people you are interested in wants serious relations at the moment. If only one apple has been nibbled on by birds, this means that you will have a hard time winning over the person that interests you the most.

If a certain apple has vanished, this indicates that the person does not want to fight for you. If an apple is on the ground, it means that your future relations will only bring bitterness for both of you.

Another way of divining with apples is to use the delicious fruits to find out whose heart you will be in forever. Go outside, somewhere out in a field and throw all of the apples upward.

Those apples that crack or shatter into pieces symbolize an unsuccessful relationship. Only the apple that remains entirely whole symbolizes the chance for a truly powerful love.

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