How to Protect Ourselves from Energy Vampires

How to Protect Ourselves from Energy Vampires

There are two types of energy hunters, aggressive and passive.

Aggressive candidates will always try to intimidate you to participate in the scandal or fight to take the energy out of you.

Passive try other tactics, this one is constantly complaining about something.

However both manage to steal your energy, and sometimes when you feel like someone has sucked your energy from you despite having 8 hours sleep and nutritious foods. food and good sleep at least 8 hours.

Energy vampires are always looking for new victims, in most cases they do so without having to acknowledge you.

You should know how to find such people and avoid contact with them.

But what if the energy vampire is your neighbor, boss or even a friend? How do you escape from this situation?

The easiest way is to give them some of the energy to leave you alone.

Imagine that a man wrapped in a large shawl appears to you and you speak few nice words to him or about him.

You will see how after a few days he will change his attitude towards you.

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Comments (1)

24.11.2012 13:35
I am not so clear with the term "energy vampires".
Are they normal people like us?