Kidney transplantation turned a plumber into an artist

Kidney transplantation turned a plumber into an artist

Kidney transplant unleashed unsuspected capabilities in the 44-year-old former plumber Gary Leighton.

The Englishman underwent surgery in 2008. Before the surgery Gary was only interested in pipes, fountains, canals and anything that involved plumbing but not the arts!

However after the surgery, Gary Leighton discovered that he posses an ability to paint on canvass.

'Before the transplant are never crossed my mind. At school I was very bad at the subject. After the operation we were guests of friends and I saw a book on Dali. After reading it, I realized a desire to paint. My experience has proved successful, ' Says Gary Leighton.

Once he had discovered his gift, Leighton immediately wrote a letter to the relatives of the donor in order to ensure that the abilities were inherited from the donor.

A few days after transplanting body parts it is said that their successors inherit qualities and traits from their former owners.

Gary Leighton sold a painting for 1000 Lira.


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