Freud's Test Shows Our Priorities in Life


According to the theory of psychoanalysis, created by Sigmund Freud more than 100 years ago, one simple test can show how we have consciously or unconsciously ordered our priorities in life.

The famous psychologist and philosopher offered a test, according to which the priorities in life of any given person can be accurately determined.

In order for the test to be as accurate as possible, be honest with yourself and do not look at the meaning of the situations before you have placed them in order.

Freud gives you the opportunity to test yourself by placing yourself in a hypothetical situation in which 5 events happen at the same time. These 5 events occur at the same time but you must react to each of them separately.

In the test, you must order the events according to significance. Imagine that these events are happening at the exact same time and think about which you would react to first, second, third and so on until the fifth.

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Arrange the events from first to fifth place, according to importance:

1. The telephone rings;

2. Your child begins to cry;

3. Someone is knocking at the door;

4. Your laundry is out on the balcony and heavy rain begins to fall;

5. Your sink is filling up with water, it begins to overflow and you must turn off the faucet.

After you have arranged the events, take a look at the meaning of each one and see how you classify your life priorities.

The meaning of the events:

1. Telephone - this is your job;


2. Child - represents the family;

3. Door - these are your friends;

4. Laundry - shows in which place you would put money;

5. Sink - your attitude toward sex;

Psychoanalysis has been rejected and rebutted throughout its entire existence, but it helps people understand the way they think even today.

Psychoanalysis does not create dependence. In fact, it provides a release from past dependencies - from sedatives, food, material possessions, and most importantly - from others' opinions.

Through it, a person can open their eyes to something they may not wish to see and remove the unnecessary burden they carry.

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