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Japanese Test Reveals Our Attitude Toward Love

Antonia R.Antonia R.

An accurate Japanese test, having reached its conclusions after a massive study, can determine our attitude toward love just by using a single fingerprint.

In the study, a group of Japanese scientists analyzed the fingerprints of 50 000 people and found that they could be placed into one of 8 groups. It turned out that people belonging to the same group behaved the same way in a love relationship.

To find out which group you belong to, you need to look at the fingerprint on the index finger of your right hand and determine which of the fingerprints in the pictures listed it resembles.

Using this fingerprint, you can judge your character when talking about love.

A - You can be very loyal to your partner, as long as you're in love with them. As long as you're in love you can dedicate yourself fully, but should you lose enthusiasm, you want to end the relationship as soon as possible.

B - You are addicted to powerful emotions and hate monotony. You love to grab life by the horns and the partner who forgets this has no place by your side. You have need of a partner with whom to come into accord when it comes to adventure.

C - You are a great dreamer and tend to idealize your partner, as well as love in general. Emotional turmoil occurs for you when you face reality and realize that not everything is rosy in a relationship.


D - When it comes to love, you transform into a very pedantic person. You can become upset with your partner for even the smallest mistake they make. You find it hard to forgive and are easily disappointed, bringing you plenty of headaches on the love front.

E - You are a very romantic person, who imagines love to be the purest of relations between 2 people. Too often however, you have high expectations towards your partner, which can be tiring.

F - You are an intelligent person with very keen thoughts, until you fall in love. It is at that point that you forget that the other person can hurt you and you ignore everything because of them. You love passionately and devotedly and believe in the power of love.

G - You find it difficult to loosen up with your partner. To some extent you are egotistical in love because you prefer to receive rather than to give. You are quite cautious and very careful when choosing a partner.

H - You possess quite an irritable character, which has repulsed your partners more than once. You love being in charge in the relationship and keeping your partner under complete control.